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Vybz Kartel Lawyer Calls Police Liars

A scathing report in the Sunday Observer has sent shock waves throughout Vybz Kartel’s inner circle.

According to the report, Vybz Kartel met with the police high command when he realized his back was against the wall in his high profile murder trial.

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Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, then gave the police high command information about several wanted men in Portmore that also lead to the recovery of 17 illegal guns.

But Vybz Kartel’s lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson has stepped forward to rubbish those claims.

This is what the seasoned lawyer said:

“That is nothing but further propaganda by the police.”

“The presentation by the Observer yesterday reflected just another attempt by the police and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to prejudice the appeal of Mr Palmer.”

“We note that the source of the information is reported as being anonymous, but we recognise the hand of a particular individual at the Corporate Communication Network.”

“No meeting was ever held between Mr Palmer and any police officer nor was Mr Palmer ever asked by any police officer to give them any information. That is a lie.”

“We are confident that we will, regardless of the machinations of the police, get a fair hearing at the Court of Appeal.”

Tavares-Finson also spoke out about the additional evidence the police source say was not entered into evidence. He said the director of public prosecution will have to explain why those evidence was not aired in court.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence in a Jamaican prison. He will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones are also serving life sentences but will be eligible for parole a decade before Vybz Kartel.

On March 13, 2014 a 10:1 jury convicted the four men for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, who they say was beaten to death over two missing firearms.

His body was never found.


  1. All I have to say is Portia this looks like your type of dirty games fabricating up stuff in a court of law to get a conviction he’s a treat to your votes Kgn 13 style .

  2. Portia ! Kingston 13 Mp this looks like your type of work fabricating stuff to put poor people favourite away for life.

  3. bad mind is active

    teacher an shawn storm just be strong they gonna be a lot of lies going around we soon win the appeal because the Jamaican justice system forgot NO EXHABITE NO CHARGE

  4. So very many murders ah gwan in JA. This is a fact and also a sad truth. A man’s death is at the center of the Kartel case. The man’s name is LIZARD. A lizard is a reptile; a half step away from a SNAKE…
    It has been said that this LIZARD, Mr. Williams, was a certified gunman and had killed a great many people.
    People lose their life in all sorts of ways. The truth is that most of these deaths happen for a reason. They JA authorities have for so long been turning a blind eye toward the donship society and structure; a way of life that involves criminal activity including drugs, violence
    and murder. Kartel may be responsible for taking Lizards life, but chances are great that his days were numbered anyway; he would not have lived long, meaning if it wasn’t Kartel it would ve been someone else that gave the word to end him – another fellow gunman whether friend or enemy, a police officer,
    a local Don, etc…and that should count for something. Kartel was in a certain position of power, one that he not necessarily wanted to be in but was nonetheless, where he had to act, in order to not appear weak within his circle of influence.
    The life sentence was extraordinarily excessive and sad. The man was extremely talented and an inspiration to many. He unfortunately got a little too caught up/wrapped up in his character as VK, and forgot about the Addi in there. Ten years in jail would have sufficed. Even five years in prison would have been enough, to make Kartel realize that
    music and family were much more
    important than gang involvement and
    guns, and it would be all but assured that he would no longer be a threat to society.
    But they simply wanted him silenced…and it may be that the police even set up Kartel, by nicking Lizard, taking the guns and creating the issue that needed resolving. This is JA; an arm of the U.K., the Queen. Illuminati, etc. One cannot go around claiming to be the ‘World Boss’, talking Mason this, Illuminati that without attracting the wing kind of attention – by the REAL WORLD’S BOSSES…
    And that whole sh-te with the rum and the condoms did not help. And then the book. He was not only asking for trouble, but he was BEGGING FOR IT, WHILE SHOUTING LOUDLY…
    I became a fan of Kartel back in 2003, shortly after I bought his first cd. I have remained so ever since. His talent is extraordinary. He work output is
    immense. I’m surprised that he even had time at all to be involved in gang/criminal activity, what with everything else that was going on with work and family..
    The police ARE corrupt, not only in JA but everywhere in the world, to varying degrees.I would not be surprised if they set Kartel up from the beginning, using a
    man named Lizard to bring down who is arguably the greatest dancehall deejay in history.
    I hope the appeal will be a success, and Adidja Palmer will get his sentence reduced….so he will one day at least be able to hug and kiss his sons. Locking him up for life accomplishes very little – as the donship structure remains, the corrupt cops remain, the gangs
    remain…as do the gunmen. People will continue to lose their lives each day; putting Kartel away only transfers the power to someone else, probably less qualified and definitely much less talented / less intelligent person than
    Kartel. There was a gross miscarriage of justice in this case, even if Kartel was responsible for giving the word to take Lizards life…
    I believe Kartel was SET UP BY the police. They wanted him bad. They had, for months, been tapping / intercepting his phone calls and texts…and were determined to take him down, one way or another. They followed his movements,
    as well as those of his associates, and positioned themselves very close to him…by arresting Mr. Williams on a certain charge, finding the guns in question and then hanging a slew of charges, including gun charges, over
    Lizards’ head. The knew that the guns’
    disappearance would cause serious
    repercussions. Lizard was now ‘in the pockets’ of the police, what with prison
    hanging over him. Knowing Kartel was an alleged gang leader, and that they all were in and/or associated with a
    notorious gang that killed people, why would Mr. Williams simply ‘lose’ two guns? How could that happen? Don’t you think He would be too afraid for his life to let such a thing happen, knowing his life – and the life of his family – was at stake? I tell you, Mr. Williams DID NOT simply ‘LOSE’ those guns. They WERE CONFISCATED, BY THE POLICE. That is why Mr.Williams could not just say ‘where’ they went…so then they could simply go and retrieve them…
    If he gave them to someone, or if he sold them to someone; he surely would’ve disclosed to whom he gave or sold them
    , when he knew his life was at stake,
    which it always was…and which is why that would not have happened that way…
    There was something very seriously flawed in Lizards story; something more serious than ‘losing two guns’…it was very likely that * the gang * wanted Lizard to pay * with his life * for his mistakes (not necessarily Kartel or Shawn) to the point of excitement – and that Sivva felt pressured to exercise authority and not appear weak – and looked to Kartel, who probably just ‘went along’ with the group consensus by simply nodding his head – and it was a done deal – with any number of (apparently) loyal soldiers ready to pull the trigger for Kartel, in order to ingratiate themselves with the WorlBoss and elevate themselves in his eyes and those of his fellow gang members.
    There is likely no blood at all on his hands, as he stated when he stood up that day in the courtroom. He was sadly CAUGHT UP in something that was too big for even the Worl Boss to control.
    And that was his ruin.
    Hopefully THE TRUTH will come out, and that we will one day soon know WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Let us, now, pray for all the WOMEN AND CHILDREN and all those INNOCENT PEOPLE that are * KILLED, EVERY DAY * by BRITISH and AMERICAN GOVERNMENT forces and their allies. In very poor parts of the world, where there is to be found some natural resource such as
    oil…so that the MURDER can be justified in the media, using both clever word
    play, deceitful propaganda and
    OUTRIGHT LIES…so that we think it is RIGHT to kill – as long as it is US (the good guys) that is doing the killing…
    Forces in

    to act,

    many people

  5. The police and reporter are doing a great job.Take them to court if their are speaking wrong if not be silent.
    If Kartel did not murder let him walk free.Kartel the lawyers don’t work for free. Them very expensive serve the time you can come out if you behaviour yourself.The lawyers very expensive use that money and build a hospital and call it lazard hospital. Be careful you don’t end up with nothing.However good reporting by the observer.Sue them if them wrong.Do good build houses and house the poor you are always preaching about

  6. Why is Mr. Finson so quick to blame the police for this propaganda? If in fact nothing went this way, the media and not the police should be blamed. I have said it beofre and will say it again. Criminal elements and thier attorneys will do any and everything to discredit the Jamaica constabulary force. While corruption does exist in the force and in all facet of our economy, efforts to errode the Jamaican people’s confidence in our judicial system for financial gains should not be tolerated.
    Throughout the trial, all the defense lawyers had to say was the police, the police, the police. Their only argument was based around a corrupt police force. Rather than trying to defend the accused, they tried to discredit the police which is infact the weak link. They didn’t put the deendants on the stand to defend themselves. They have not denied the voice notes. They cannot explain why Pim-Pim and Gaza slim followd the directions of Vybz kartel to pervert the course of justice. I would not be surprised if Finson said that it was the police who cohearsed Pim-Pim and gaza Slim into doing what they did. He tried that with Chow, but it didn’t work. Am I defending the police? I stand for what is lawful, fair and right. Without the police in Jamaica, irrespective of stupid decisions they often make, life as we know it, would be more brutish and way more chaotic on our island.

    • U sound like ur defending the police let’s not forget how there over there killing kids that’s crazy defend that

      • Exactly! !

      • Support that

      • Ass wipe Ross Margaret I will be a pess on your ass . You are an idiot .

      • Bit-h a-s pu–y

      • I will always defend any person, group and or organization that stands against unlawfulness in my country. The police is not above the law and should be punished for breaking the law in the same way Vybz Kartel and others have done. This is one Jamaican who will not support or promote any entertainer or don to control the affairs of my family and fellow countrymen. So there, I support law and order. Show me a country with a perfect police force and judicial system. Many other countries have citizens who support the police. Therefore the police does not need to take matters inn their own hands at times. When we have communities whose citizens will run out into the streets with their children so that gunmen can allude the police, and who think that it is normal to extort businesses; support criminals who rob and kill hard-working Jamaicans to build up their communities, and who hate the police who want to stop them, then damn straight I support the police.
        We need to professionalize our police force while they hunt down and bring the full brunt of the law on criminals in our country.

      • I approve of this message.

      • on right track. stand against police brutality, police corruption, extra judicial killing. these are unlawful. every police who do these acts are the same as zeeks, duddus, and cartel. they are criminals too. indecom is a good try at bringing jcf constables who break the law to justice.

      • !!!YOUR”E A F+=K-*G IDIOT<!!!!

    • It has always been that way, the Police is always wrong but the criminal is before the courts, Isn’t that ironic. (facts) I hire a Lawyer only because the law requires me to do so under certain circumstances but I tell him what he says,WHY?,he’s hungry and i have money, so don’t worry about the fame .he has to subject himself to the mentality of the criminal.(He seldom sleep at nights’) because he’s constantly attacked by his Morals..

      • no. the police is mostly right. the majority are good. but badman and bad gal has infiltrated the force. and they are doing jamaica a dis-service by boxing up, kicking up, and shooting up kids, pregnant women, taxi operators, old ladies, mental patients, etc. we need the police. better they run the country than bad man. but they must stop beating up and killing up innocent people and figure out how to get the bad boy and bad gal.