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Vybz Kartel Back In Court For Sentencing

UPDATE: Vybz Kartel sentence to life … Story here

Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel’s government name, will be back in the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston today for his highly anticipated sentencing hearing.

Vybz Kartel, protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and close friends Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were convicted by a 10:1 jury on March 13, 2014. The four men were found guilty for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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Justice Lennox Campbell postponed the sentencing last week after the defense complain that they did not get a letter sent out by the Supreme Court.

In court today both the defense and the prosecution are expected to give statements on how long the length of the sentence for the four men.

Justice Campbell is expected to hand down a separate sentence for each men based on the role they play in the murder.

The judge is also expected to rule on if Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm will be allowed to record music behind bars. Proceeds from their recordings could also go towards the estate of the murder victim.

The men are facing life imprisonment for the murder.


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  3. These artists feel that they can do their nonsense and get away with it but I am glad to see that in Jamaica they are not allowing that to happen. I hope this will wake up the rest of the world that when a crime is done whether it is an ordinary man/woman or a celebrity they should all get the same punishment. It is about time that this happens.

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        Singing about murder does not make u a murderer.You DO know that much,rite? And if you know just a basic law and how it should work,you can easily see this case was a fkn joke. You cannot equate song to a case.Lyrics are not a fn statement to be used against someone. Did you grow wings when R kelly said he believed u can fly? Go try it.

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        Furthermore he was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt and I didn’t see a shred of evidence for kartel’s defense during the trial but I saw plenty of hard evidence from the prosecution. Why didn’t kartel produce a single piece of evidence during the trail if he was innocent??? The truth does not need to be defended it defends it’s self so keep deluding ur self but the fact is justice Will prevail TODAY regardless of ur opinion.

      • Didnt produce evidence!? You clearly missed the most crutial dates of this trial.and Kartel is not the one producing em,defense is- and they did.like i said, law operates certain way. That way says, he is not there to prove his innocence,prosecution is there to prove his guilt.those are two different tings.tampered evidence and conflicting statements from prosecutions witness,n missmatched time stamps is called NO CASE in any functional system. You have to be objecive to see this.bleach face or not.then ull see what justice really means.

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      • Same way zimmerman was found not guilty when he clearly was. Its called injustice. Get it yet?

      • I have been following your argument you guys and I totally side with inaGotovina for sure this is pure injustice kartel has bee trapped the same way they trapped buju the system does not want to see a ghetto youth to rise and make it big.and as for you bleach face boi go and su– your mother till her p—- turn blue idiot.

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      • and what does that have to do with question i asked?you hold jury’s decision as Gods; or are you now saying jury is only wrong in america but right in jamaica?

      • Bleach face boi

        He got what he deserves anyway 35 yrs and he best mek sure him hav nuff bleach and Clark’s, SEE YA !!!

      • What a groupie- you woke up today just to hear the sentencing didnt u?
        And still never answered my question….
        Ur 42 and noone still told u bout the santa clause ….that doomed island of filth u dwell in needs to keep u.

        No , will not ‘see ya’. You go ‘see’ the law book and an exorcist.

      • Ross Margarette

        You are just a kartel hater even if god came and told he was innocent you would still say he was guilty

      • Bleach face boi

        No I don’t get it, Zimmerman’s trial took place in the United satanic state’s of America not Kingston jamaica therefore ur comment is pointless and stupid, FOOL!!!

      • The accused does not have to prove anything my dear, the prosecution must always prove it’s case. Just a thought

      • Listen keep ur stupid pointless opinions to ur self and stop making a fool of ur self, anyone with half a brain know it’s not what you think or know in the court’s it’s what you can ”PROVE” About defense doesn’t have to prove anything? That’s the dumbest comment I’ve seen so far, of course both side’s have to prove their case that’s the whole purpose of hiring a lawyer to fight ur corner and prove you not guilty to the jury. Think u just sit down in court without presenting any evidence and the not guilty verdict just fall’s in ur lap hahahahahahaha dumb fu– u don’t know what ur talking bout do ya?

      • Go read some book’s before u expose ur self as an uneducated fool you are, dumb ass!!!

      • true on that matter…i think sentence him with the crime he did not the assumptions they are putting on him>where is the body

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        Ok so you are on the said of a corrupt government and corrupt police force it ok not to like kartel but to believe in the jamaican system thats wrong

      • Bleach face boi

        Fu– off Pratt no one care’s justice was served, u might as well start talking bout the appeal cause what ur saying is irrelevant right now there’s no point talking about the trial, police etc it’s in the past and done. You think kartel will waste his time dwelling on the past instead of him preparing for the appeal??? U r an idiot!!!

      • GOD fearing child

        God never forsake none of his children regardless what they do, God is always with you!!!!

      • Bleach face boi

        I don’t have any sympathy whatsoever for anyone who kills another human being. Kartel chose to worship the devil and will get exactly what he deserves TODAY.

      • You’re a idiot people die everyday and killing? Officers, soldiers, securities kill all the time but because its for government its justified society gives them a trophy and a pay check guilty or not the trial wasn’t handled correctly based upon the evidence a video that showed no visuals only audio could have me and you in it anybody listen to twins of twins????? Voices can be imitated easily with technology…. The phone was being used while in police custody therefore no evidence should be conclusive or drawn for the phone. No body has been found….. The case came down to Lamar Chow a he said he claimed he saw that and this. The Gaza saw lizard yesterday who seh him dead???? Free world boss a mad rass

      • Bleach face boi

        Shut up u fool ur chatting sh– 3rd world boi , get off kartel’s di–, and get a life, batty boi !! !

      • happens all the time – why you so concerned with world affairs now that a fu—ng singer has been jailed.?

      • Judge not less ye be judged..Was he invoved,yes,I think so,but no one was there. Jamaica is different from America.

      • Jamaica is deferent from America??? Who said Jamaica was not deferent from America??? Not me but you alone, I have a British passport and been to America and Jamaica a few time’s we don’t need to apply for a visa in advance to enter America we get them on the plane automatic 3 month stay without shadow of doubt. So know who u r talking to before u open ur cunthole mouth you can’t tell me nothing, fool !!!

      • Watch your mouth…….you do not have to be so crude!!!!

      • Ross Margarette

        Do you have sympathy for someone who has killed and then got killed ??

      • Bleach face boi

        Listen this is about kartel and his co-d’s murdering someone in cold blood and chopping him up, and nothing to do with ”IF” lizard killed anyone in the past, everyone has the right to life criminal or not. I do not take opinions and assumptions for facts like u I deal with fact’s only, FOOL!!!

      • Ross Margarette

        Well if lizard is dead that the price he had to pay for his crimes some die and some do time

      • No one has the right to kill anyone everyone has the right to life, kartel got what he deserve’s.

      • So did lizard…

      • I want everyone to answer this question!

      • They won’t

      • Go and read your bible and tell me about a guy called David, Samson or even the one that GOD told to make his son as a sacrifice to prove his love and obedience but in the end stopped him bcuz he was really going through with the act. Can someone scream contradiction. God loves us all, whether we murder, steal, lie or even hate or won’t forgive those that have done anything wrong against us. How can one say he/she loves GOD which u have never seen but hate people in 3d.
        How can one hate a next man’s (God’s) creation.
        Who r u to judge a next mans(God’) servant.
        Stop doing what the anti-christ likes to do. PLEASE don’t hate in the name of GOD!!

        Those r some of the reason some people don’t believe in GOD becuz people like u spew hate and then say ur GOD lovers. Those actions r bad examples for others.
        GOD is LOVE n LOVE is GOD….if u exercise love u will be doing a Godly thing. LOVE is kind, LOVE is patient, LOVE is “FORGIVING,” LOVE is not selfish etc.
        IF he all exercise love, use it or understand its true power then this world would be so much better and less painful. So if u r with God…then do what GOD says. Love ur enemies, forgive who trespass against u as u would like him forgive u. Live and love!!! PEACE!!

      • What make’s you think I have a Bible??? I am not a religious person they slaved black people in the name of religion, the fu–en Pope said ” black people have no soul” therefore they can be enslaved. Know ur history before u start preaching to someone who doesn’t believe in any religion cause it was invented by man to control the masses. I know that deference between right and wrong and I don’t need a book to tell me how to live my life and that’s all that matters to me, fu– u and bleach face boi !!!

      • Furthermore climb off kartel’s dick, FAG !!!

      • Whos hating in the name of god? man went to trial and got convicted. Have I missed something? As for god – Kartel embraced the devil from early.

    • Ross Margarette

      The devil is to busy helping the jamaican government and police force

      • Bleach face boi

        That’s just ur opinion.

      • Ross Margarette

        It my opinion go and check out youtube and get back to me

      • Bleach face boi

        Check what on YouTube??? Anyone can create a YouTube account and upload whatever they want to and people like u take it for fact cause ur dumb, it’s like saying look on Wikipedia for fact’s and evidence when Wikipedia is just opinions posted by the public not fact’s. I deal with fact’s only not opinions, dumb ass !!!

      • Bleach face boi

        Furthermore there is injustice and corruption in every police force in the world every single one them and it doesn’t mean Kartel is innocent just cause there’s some corrupt officers in the Jamaican police force. Kartel was proven guilty and deserves life in prison and there’s f—al u can do about that but voice ur biased opinions on here supporting murderers and devil worshipper’s just cause u like their music. I like some of kartel’s music ” the one’s with no violent lyrics” and I don’t pay for any music I convert them frim YouTube to mp3, mp3 raid, torrent etc all for ”FREE” and I’ve never paid for music ever.

    • You are like a little kid and I don’t have time to talk to little kids