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Deva Bratt Talks Founding Portmore Empire, Says Vybz Kartel Badmind [VIDEO]

Deva Bratt is still a bit bitter about getting ousted from the group he founded Portmore Empire.

Yes the rumors are true, Deva Bratt is the original founder of Portmore Empire, but Vybz Kartel registered the name before Deva Bratt could get around to doing it.

During a recent interview with PRgirlangel, Deva Bratt opened up about the history of Portmore Empire and his fallout with Vybz Kartel.

“He is the lyricist of lyricist, he is a good artiste but he has a personal problem,” Deva Bratt said about Vybz Kartel.

Deva says he was blind sided by Vybz Kartel when he came up with the name Portmore Empire and brought it to the incarcerated deejay.

“I was oblivious to envy, grudge and a thing call badmind… supremacy and people who just want to be ahead of people… I never knew those things exists,” Deva Bratt said.

Check out the full interview below.


  1. Kartel was smart to know that the kind of life he was living would prob put him in this position anyway and most of the ppl around him would prob switch up on him anyway. so he treated them like sh** and now they don’t give a sh-” humans I tell yah! Such a sh–y world.

  2. Ross Margarette

    Bit-h gaza they didn’t even let his family in the court room you think the artist will support him come on first they are scared to get involved second they are happy he is gone because they can get some spot light with him gone you can believe anything you want you think he’s guilty cool I think it was a set up

  3. A wah do deva brat di rape-er bill youth yah try look a hype. Yuh career slap weh. Wah mek yuh neva a do ur ting wen the man neva lock up? Eee bill yute!

    • Stephen Higgins

      who did he rape? – The last time I check he was found not guilty – These fools are confused

      • Lol b—ty man do yuh freaking research before
        Yuh come a chat foolishness. Di man draw dung pon a 14yr old drag har inna a room and juk har. di age of consent is 16 di man is a walking pedophile. Case 2 him draw dung pon 2 gyal di gyal neva wah gi him none so weh him do him try force him hand inna dem pants. These are all reported cases (meaning on file) u name call once inna something there is doubt ,2 times different cases so him is a raper. If yuh feelings hurt yuh probably a pedophile yuh self.

      • Stephen Higgins

        Why these retards always mixing me up with the fathers – you mentioned about research please list the source of your information – I am going to bet this chink won’t list one Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel

  4. So ni**az a talk say the media a bash kartel and deva never say nothing till kartel get lock,
    Well obviously he has history with the interviewer and he is in Florida where the interview took place
    Im sure they reached out to him for the interview and not the other way around.
    furthermore he is only answering the questions being asked as honestly and as diplomatically as he can, because it is obvious to me he could’ve taken the opportunity to say kartel fi rot in jail fi all he has done but he wasn’t doing that.
    It bun me fi Gaza fans them don’t use them common sense them worship kartel thru all him fukry

  5. Dash wey de key! Kartel is not bigger than the law of the land! Murderer, blood deh pon u shoulder

  6. Deva shouldve kept making music, he is good…

  7. Definition of BITCHMADE. Fkn opp. Bullet.

  8. Ross Margarette

    This is how the system controls the world T.V and newspapers remember when 2pac was going through his so called rape case they did everything to make him look bad so don’t believe everything you read or see on T.V

  9. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    deva spratt a pu–y why him neva say dat when kartel did deh a road

    • Stephen Higgins

      When did you people become fans of kartel last year – Do some research before you post comments please

    • So you’re suggesting that if he had said that when kartel the saint was not incarcerated kartel would bully him hmmm. So by you saying what you said kartel was definitely a bully.

    • Listen Christopher u sound ignorant that’s why Kartel going to prison him and is bag a man them attacking people you a talking garbage . Kartel and him deadbeats could have never ever attack a rasta artist a JA . Certain rasta artist in JA don’t play . Trust me any one of these people who was around Kartel if they do anything they going to prison the police in JA know all of them .

    • A Debbie dat.

    • Actually it’s old news, he said it a long time ago.

  10. He is right about Lizard he was trouble that’s why Lizard end up dead . Kartel was around too much bag a man that’s why he is where he is . God don’t like ugly .,

  11. Ross Margarette

    The papers are made to bash kartel they always find someone has something negative to say about him my eyes are open to what’s going on and this whole thing is a set up its just to bad that some people can’t or don’t want to see whats real

    • Bit– shut the f— up the man right kartel badmine everybody kartel did badmine assassin one time that’s why him deh a jail now bucuz him a run dwn money . A good thing deva bratt and ryno ect, dem leave the dutty empire look at Shawn storm look how long him Ina gaza fah and dnt have 3 song pon radio lol becuz him jus a run back a the bleacher a good fi him , lock up all a dem

    • Every time you open your trap your foot get caught in it open your big eyes and see that kartel has a problem and was a bully if 10 out of 11 people say he’s bad. He’s bad, he makes music you like I understand but you don’t know him personally, he could be the bat out of hell.

      • Ross Margarette

        And you know him personally?

      • Burn dutty gaza

        Dog sh– no we dnt knw kartel personally we as fans mus work with our own understanding we get our understanding on tv radio ect . Kartel bad mine fi real and a gun clown again people power notice nobody nuh come support kartel in his case no Bennie man , Corey Todd, those was his new friends , no gaza artise old are new lol that some crazy sh– only gaza slim becuz she nuh want her sex tape go public lol . If him did treat people better dem would have support daddy devil bt no him put his turst in to money and the devil . Spread yr bed hard then you going to lay into it hard as simple as dat dum b:–h

      • Ross Margarette

        Monkey see monkey do

      • That what monkeys like you do best

      • Ross has a point do you know him personally?

      • You got to stop believing everything you read and see on T.V and what you need to do is drop the starboy name your mama gave you grow up you ain’t 3years old anymore

      • Man a starboy deal with it.

  12. If I was kartel I would of do the same thing

  13. Well who is deva

    • Deva Bratt a lead out portmore Empire
      Wid Di guns dem weh we no borrow nor lend iya

      Big lyricist weh kartel make sure him never entertain no beef with cause deva full a lyrics

  14. ..and now it starts: everyone wah talk big now that di man cant come out. lol

    • Yessssssss u see that… before all this nobody wanna talk sh– and battle the man.. now they all talking smh. If he comes out on the appeal, I hope he responds to alllll these pu–ies

    • Check this article it’s from 2008 Deva has been talking about this issue a long time.

      I don’t think he was talking big he seemed humble in the interview. Be mindful that the topic of Kartel was brought up by the interviewer and not Deva.

    • He wasn’t saying anything bad, where is support from popcaan and rest of them..