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Rihanna And Drake Going Public With Their Relationship

Rihanna and Drake reunited last week in London after being rocked with breakup rumors.

The Bajan pop star and the Toronto rapper are now going more public with their relationship.

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The pair were spotted holding hands in London last week and look to be closer than ever.

Sources told Us Weekly that Drake is very into Rihanna and she is smitten by his charm.

“He lives for her, but she’s really into him, too,” the source said. “Drake is really different from what she’s used to. He’s so different from the guys she usually likes.”

Sources also say they are slowly coming out more public with their relationship.

Rihanna flew to London last week specifically for Drake’s last show and to spend some time with her boo.

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  2. Spend so much time with movado and dem now him ah pree sum fat island pump pum.

  3. Definitely!!!! Love them together.

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