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Vybz Kartel Sentencing Delayed To April 3

Home Circuit court judge Justice Lennox Campbell moments ago announced a postponement of Vybz Kartel’s highly anticipated sentencing.

The judge set his new sentencing hearing for next week Thursday, April 3, 2014.

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The postponement came after the judge and lawyers representing the defense and the prosecution came to an agreement that several guidelines pertaining to the sentencing hearing were not met.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were escorted back to jail by heavily armed police officers.

A large crowd of Vybz Kartel fans is currently outside police barricade shouting “Free Worl’Boss.”

The four accused men are facing a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

A 10:1 jury convicted them in the Jamaican high court on March 13, 2014.

Police has yet to find Williams’ body.


  1. Then why mess with the evidence

  2. What the f–k are you talking about I have one question for you do you believe in the jamaican police force ?

  3. Kartel is innocent of what they are trying him for. Maybe conspiracy but not murder.

  4. This is not justice

    I just don’t think there was enough evidence to convict a man of murder beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  5. This is not justice

    I don’t know if he is innocent or guilty. I just think that this case should have be thrown out of court because all of the evident is circumstantial at best and the police who did the investigations were unprofessional and the Judge base on some of his action lacks some amount of integrity.

  6. Am a kenyan and i did follow the proceedings from day 1 to day 64; seriously speaking kartel’s case was a set up that was planned by the government of. jamaica minister bunting being among the plan masters.all in all whatever jah bless no man can curse;i strongly believe adidja palmer is innocent and the almighty God is not going to abandon him.

    • Polycarp, I too am an African and I agree with you on your comment. I have been following this case as well and I sincerely believe that this was a set up, based on the information/evidence provided in the trail. Addija Palmers case was widely publicized in Jamaica and through out different regions of the world. To me, the government and the Jamaican court system was closely watching him and arrested him at the “right” time in order to use Addija as an example.

    • Also he needs to repent, give himself to God and and get away from the negativity that surrounds him.

  7. I need someone to translate that bootleg shakespeare queen english DDP Paula was spittn today….any nigerian scammers care to help? Cheers.

  8. Man retrace your argument how can a person be declared dead and no body nor DNA evidence can conform this death really

  9. No the judge just waiting on the government to tell him how much years to give them r Vybez Kartel remember this whole thing is a favor for not finding his son guilty for stabbing the UWI principal son 18 times over a chill um pipe and his son didn’t have a scratch but he was release and not found guilty they said it was self defence.

    • U know what I don’t like with Jam’s you guys will cry for a artist that murder some one that is popular when busy signal was going to jail i didn’t hear no one saying he was a good person but kartel weh buy whole heap a gun over portmore an give all me family you guys a seh guilty yo wunuh f— UP inuh cau wait fi left Jamaica

    • no guilty a mean

  10. Jamaica knows that we the people around the world see this is a set up

  11. Kartel was found guilty because if how the media exposing him as a negative image and that’s not fair. I understand that Lizard is missing but who really did away with him? Kartel has been framed an it’s easy to see. Maybe Lizard was given a visa to leave the country…..every Jamaican’s dream. As smart and talented as he is, why would he jeopardize all his success for two guns. Everyone have a season and it was Kartel’s season and the other dancehall artists couldn’t stand it. Beanie had his turn, Bounty had his turn, Sean Paul got the hell away from there because he knew it was so many haters. What God has for you is for you and can’t nobody take that away. I’m actually a fan of all the artist but Kartel season is yet to be over.

    • Its a set up even the hates know it how can they not its so clear

    • I have said this a million times- he’s too smart for this dumb murder plot- it’s an insult to his and our intelligence. 2 guns have no value, and now his children will have no father. What a waste of time and money. This is not over by a long shot.

  12. Like it or not Kartel have some serious fans in JA they will give their life for him .

    • Some people really believe he is innocent and I believe that you should stand up for what you believe in me on the other hand I don’t know what to believe that’s why I would like to see a re trial

      • I feel so sorry for him, he didn’t get a fair trial praying for him. He could b my son. I am old school jcan in NY.

    • Yes he does and he has some serious haters to that what him to be guilty so they are blinded by their hate and believe everything the system says

  13. Kartel will be granted a retrial upon appeal. There are so much in tension with the constitution and the British Court will sort it out. The Judge should have recused himself from the trial given that is own son was murdered. His bias was evident when he mirrored police tampering of Kartel’s phone to dropping a baton. He failed to see the baton was dropped in a cesspool.

    • Karel British court not sorting out nothing . Listen my brother had a minor offense heading to my dad death anniversary . Immigration in London found out they escort him right out the airport . They do not play trust me .

  14. This case is getting stranger

    • Rian Kartel atty knows the JA system he is talking to some one behind close door for a lesser sentence or plea deal .

      • NYC one, plea deal comes before a jury trial, not after

      • Read what I wrote I said nothing about plea deal . Attorney talk to judges .

      • I’ve never seen a case like this in my life

      • Rian I agree . They have people in JA prison system who will never know if they will ever get a court date . Kartel needs to win over the artistes and Jamaican people so they can have sympathy for him . That’s how Jahcure got out . If Jah cure can rape and come out of jail . Kartel will .

      • Yo I’m almost 40 and I’ve never seen a case like this its starting to make me wonder if he is guilty at all

    • Rian if they didn’t have a strong witness , text messages and audio Kartel would have walk they have no body . I have seen with my own eyes in court where text messages and video evidence put people away for a long time .

      • Guilty or not guilty if his place is meant to be behide bars then that’s his place people got to understand that we all have a path to walk

  15. Mark my words this will end bad jamaica didn’t think this case would have been as big I wouldn’t be surprised if killed kartel and say he killed himself or they poison him

    • Ross Margarette you have a point I don’t know what will happen some one going to retalliate this time I agree with u .

  16. Lucifer got no use for Vybz Kartel you serve your purpose talking about mi reach 33 degree of masonry the highs of evil and there 97 degrees of freemasonry all dumb fools who got themselves Gaza your not from the middle east you can’t compare yourself to the real place get use to it vybz kartel is no more and any sodomite who responds by suk your Madda are devil worshippers

    • U don’t sin? Once yuh sinning ah di same raas judgement yaah get fool! Nobody defending him abt the devil ting, but ppl can change! God is merciful and loving, unlike u who are bitter and unforgiving. Forgive him, I’m sure he feels bad abt wat he did previously. Black ppl will forever have ah fu–ed up mentality… Bout any who say su– yuh mada ah devil worshipper… Fu—g fool! Kmt I hope u living a clean life yuh hear!

  17. Swing low sweet chariot
    Coming forth to carry me home

  18. Next article will be “Vybz Kartel Sentence Overturned”

    • That would be impossible because that will mean the 10 jurors who found Kartel guilty would all have changed their minds and verdict. The judge cannot overturn the verdict and sentence unless the whole 10 jurors claim to have misjudged, which then would be wrong, corrupt and biased with an element of fear for their lives.

  19. Oooooh this has me waiting on thin ice here- I’m wondering what particular guidelines were not met during the sentencing. Keep your head up this May be a good thing.

    • I feel pity 4 kartel…since i was his biggest fun i feel as thou its ma brother being convicted

      • I have tattoos most of my body I get judged by many and never did I get more respect than when I was in Jamaica and this artist and the people of Jamaica is why I follow this case so closely. Two Jamaican men sang Tattoo Time to me and my husband and I’m hooked since. I feel a special place in my heart for Kartel because I know that people always hate you the more happy and successful you are. I feel like the govt using him as a scapegoat for all the problems they have. The judge was trying to sway the jury and that itself is illegal and a conflict of interest, it’s a mess and it should be re tried. I feel bad for his family because now the judge wanna take his royalties for Lizard family.

      • People always hate kartel the more people they kill! Wtf u on?. ‘the judge was trying to sway the jury…” oh u wer in court were u? and u have a degree in criminal law now?. Kartel found guilty in a court of law, he did the crime, now he shld do the time. End of,

      • No one aske you- read the transcript i never said im a lawyer i just been following including reading the judge actual words.

      • you lov Vybz Kartel.Vybz Kartel don’t love his self he bleachs his skin he’s not even comfortable in his own skin He does love black ppl..he don’t love his kids children are the future so if you’re in the habit of poisoning the kids you’re killin everybody’s future Minds and yours..KILL YOURSELF PLS

      • His music isnt for children you ignorant dog so all the parents out there- pay attention to what they put in their minds- the world doesnt have a religious filter so you have to make your own intelligent choices based on your beliefs.

      • if it was you, you think no one would caer? kmt. he is in d eyes of d public so he should ack an do good, after u tell all d kids/youths those bad stuff, you come back an sing pull up yuh pants an put it pan yuh waist an don’t bleach yuh face? he is crazy..known d law in jamaica, come next Thursday u gonna hear sentence over turn..jamaica constitution was writen with a pencil.

      • I Dont hate Jamaican I love all black people but damn we are fu—ng lost..my point is if there was a Marcus Garvey in Jamaica right now we would not even know him because he would be a positive BLACK MAN in A culture who only respects negative people=bad men, mad men…the future (children) is not looking 2 good bro its looking real dim…our ancestors curse us..WE should ALL ALL be ashamed!!! SMH

      • I do understand your point, however- I do not base my life or morals on a lyric of dancehall artists. I make my own choices and I have happiness and success but I still listen to what others may say is bad or dirty. That being said- I also listen to jazz music so what? It’s about making right choices. If a person feels influenced negatively by what they’re watching or listening to, they should stop and do some soul searching. Not everything should be taken so literally.

      • You see this is a case of bleaching don’t listen to them they support women beaters like bounty killer

      • Very true. We all dislike a feature we have. No one is perfect. Some color their hair, some tan or lighten their skin, some wear wigs and extensions…. what someone looks like or is wearing is none of anyones business people need to look within themselves and see we all have flaws!!

      • Funny how the haters have nothing intelligent to say but kill yourself and suk this and that. Come at me with something good. All that because I’m a fan and supporter, what are you hiding? Don’t be mad at me.

      • A lot of the haters here are put of the system

      • You sound like a strong woman elisa don’t listen to these people

      • You talk about kartel but look at the way you talk telling people to kill them self

      • Bleach face boi

        No one asked for ur opinion and you’re talking a load of sh–, kartel is a murderer snf he will get life despite ur biased opinion.

      • this is why ignorant people will stay ignorant poor people will stay poor.worship murderers drug dealers and bad people..in this culture bad is good and good is bad..you will never ever hear a Jamaica say that thier a good guy good person etc etc.eveybody is proudly mad (crazy) bad (gangsta)Jamaica is the new Sodom and Gomorrah…..somebody should do the world a favor and nuke that dump..

      • true dat say that again

      • I dont hate them i grew up around lots of them im from Flatbush Brooklyn.. .I have another fact about them…Marcus Garvey is from Jamaica…MARCUS GARVEY was so smart and powerful that white people treated him like a white man .this is in a time when most black were still inslaved or just freed .He made caucasions question if black people were truly inferior BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT TOURIST ATTRACTION IN THE COUNTRY IS THE BOB MARLEY MUSEUM<—AGAIN A GANGSTA(but Bob Marley did have some positive tunes he wasn't a total waste like Vybz Kartel)…..

      • mad whatever yuh name is, my youth you are not talking about d case which I’m a jamaican an I feel what a man did that is wrong he should be ponish, but yuh hitting out on a country you know ntg abt, stop cuss Jamaica, bob is a legend, u can’t compare music with philosophy. so u can’t compair bob with marcus an that’s a fact.

      • No this guy didn’t! this guy who have a “old lady” sitting in-front of a computer naked masturbating just call JAMAICA (SODOM AND GOMORRAH) if u don’t knw what to say, u should leave ppl business, that’s disrespectful..u should think abt what u said

      • when I’m right I’m right when I’m wrong I’m wrong I concur with you my picture is pretty ratchet..but please don’t take nothing away from the conversation the blog is on 100 tho.P.S. Its a old Jamaican lady tho ..its funny …but I will change it…

      • I have a similar 1 of a old Caucasian woman…lol better?

      • Bottom line. Did Kartel murder Lizard? Jury vote guilty. Tomorrow the judge will sentence him, and he will appeal. His money, his bleaching, and his badman and xxx lyrics is beside the point. Murder is murder. Did he do it. If he did, he is garbage. He should go to hell. Go where murderers go.

    • Guidelines based on a letter from the defence seeking the right to allow Kartel to record music whilst in prison.