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Vybz Kartel Lost A Lot Of Weight Since Guilty Verdict [PHOTO]

A guilty verdict and a possible life sentence would make anyone loose weight and that’s just what happened to Vybz Kartel.

Prior and during the trial, Vybz Kartel packed on a lot of pounds and looked like someone who was eating well behind bars.

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The above photo was taken moments ago showing the deejay and his co-accused Kahira Jones heading into the Supreme Court building in Downtown Kingston.

Vybz Kartel leaving court

The “Cake Soap” deejay looked thin and frail as he faced the judge for a final time to know how long he will be in prison.


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    • Well 1/2 of it actually was a joke. Im not A bigot i live in FLATBUSH Brooklyn(A predominately West Indian neighborhood) I have actually been to Jamaica my son is half.. BUT I did expect to get trolled bye all these internet gangsters… Thank you though brother for answering my question I was just wondering was me or mi the correct dialect..

  3. That fool ain’t losing weigh look at the couple people what u get if u r gay??

  4. So are you say being African makes you dumb. And why do you think the views of the people on here reflects the views of all Jamaicans. You’re like the pot cursing the kettle right now.

  5. Stephlovinjohn Marsh

    Idiot shut up yuh mouth

  6. You chat sh– yankee

  7. Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

    Bi— u will never understand yard talk look how u dumb a– American talk u have no rite to talk bout my ppl them go —- ya self

  8. Free yourself from mental slavery…bout “Queens English”…why do you revere their creations sooo much? You need fi go sidung and watch a sovereign people do tings the right way. Try fi remember wah Marcus Garvey do fi Black African Americans.

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  12. I feel sorry for everyone. What I don’t understand is how you can convict someone without a body. I also don’t understand how you can convict someone over a text message and voice mail. We all say things we don’t mean. Any way…Hopefully the sentencing will not be 50 yrs- life. And yes, I do feel sorry for the victim’s family. One more thing…If Vibes Kartel is innocent, the lesson learned from this gruesome crime is we must choose our friends carefully and keep our priorities in order.

    • The truth is as much as we hate to say it..Jamaicans as a whole dumb as rocks…they might as well been born Africans..lls…It’s sooo obvious that the people who say no body no case don’t know a dam thing about the law..UK USA and Jamaica have a very simular judicial systems..If the man was last seen with you..and never seen again along with a witness saying they saw him dead…NO COURT THAT HAS A JUDGE gonna let that go..I’m not from Jamaica but I’ve been there more than 10 times and every time I’ve been told don’t leave the resort cause the people their are savages..this airport people telling visitors this when they visit..I’ve been to the “Gaza” I wouldn’t let my dog walk in that sh– hole call a city..The less education you have the more easy it is to manipulate..Come into the 21 century yal…People go to jail on less evidence.. I understand Jamaicans are slave ain’t make it to the US..and they still acting like slaves..No im not white..Black people hate ignorant sh– too!!

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        U don’t have a clue if he was n America no body no conviction I been there they try to say Ni killed a Mon no body no conviction so wat u talk is bs I have been there u can’t tell mi dat so stop talking bout sh– u hear cuz it all bs

      • So uve been to jamaica 10times knowing people are ‘savages’? U need to watch ur fn mouth n find ur crack in detroit or whateva rathole ur from ,instead- also, its clear u know nothing about the us law. No face,no case. And if u indeed are black american ,quick reminder-it was u who was a slave. Jamaicans fought back n ran. But ur way toto ditsy so i am almost certain ur some kind of hispanic; u know,slave by choice?we dont want u or ur dog in Gaza, big mouth bi–dont u eat em anyway?

  13. Everybody yell free “work boss” but don’t know if he did the crime or not. (I’m not saying Kartel did the crime even tho it is possible that he did. They don’t think about themselves put your foot in Clive family shoes if your family member went misses and you suspect or know for sure who could have killed him I’m sure you would fight for them to be removed from the streets no matter how bad your family member was no one has the right to kill someone. People always say FREE THIS PERSON And FREE THAT PERSON but never think about that person actions and affects. ONLY KARTEL, CLIVE, GOD and whoever else was there knows what happened Noone else.

  14. Everyone should just leave the situation alone you black you white should stay the color GOD blessed you on this earth with. All colors can get a great job once you put your mind to it and have JESUS in your life. There are black poor people and white poor people the same thing goes for the wealthy and rich. Kartel dun bleach so it don’t matter. I don’t really care bout that. Mi rate him tho but not Fi dat.

  15. Yardie yuh happy now another ghetto youth fall but we r all prisoner from birth he gonna be free again 1 day once a star alway a star this system you have so much confidence in gonna get you 1 day then you will see that it’s no good that it nuh care about low budget people your time will come .

    • Full time now for we to stop blame the system, the system will remain the same. When it is with you it’s good, when it’s not it’s bad. Kill off one another then blame the system. Why would you surround yourself with foolishness and fall to the system.

      • I do agree but there is no proof a murder was committed until then only poor people get this type of treatment it’s unfair prove he kill someone then sentence them to death too much innocent youths behind bars history I was 1 of them .

      • I understand but the system was put in place to govern the in parents house if you don’t live by there rules they has a right to put you out at certain age. We can’t fight the system, but we can better our self by working with it. Teach our youths not to line themself gangs and guns….ect. Don’t use the the ghetto as an understatement that the only way you can make it. The system will kill you they don’t care. Kartel choose the wrong path, he can’t manage power and fame. A lot of people will support his until it affects them. Maybe five years ago if you ask lizard family if they support kartel they would say… ask them. Anyone that support kartel put in prison.

      • The government toke the money and invested in guns so who is to blame for the guns

  16. Another thing bob marley was judge by his skin colour growing up in Jamaica and he was natural light skin I think some of you dark skin people is just racist. Lol Im in England earning more money than my manager. Because when they were throwing jobs at me I didn’t say why they giving me the black man so much work no I gain enough experience over every one and to get a worker on my level it takes years of training now the ball is on my side of the Court

  17. Dis ah weh me seh di whole lot a unuh fi go su– unuh mumma & stop try & catch a hype

  18. Strange how you guys style the youths as murder as and criminals yet the case was tampered with I guess that means nothing because he bleach his face but badmind a wicked disease Kartel is guilty of murder and no evidence prove that a murder was committed and the same judge son stab the UWI principal son 18 times over a chillum pipe and he was not guilty most of you educated fools don’t even see what happening here but I guess you got slave and the people who sell slave out who are you that’s the question .

  19. You people call him the bleacher and I call the system believers and 5.0 lovers you guy are a gang of idiots if you can’t put your hate aside and see what really going

  20. This bleacher teacher has sold his soul & committed murder yet you all have more energy to support him than real issues that are going on in Jamaica – like the fact that bleaching is the biggest drain on Jamaica health Service kmt

    • Do you are the courts have proof that a murder was committed you all say this Lizard guy is dead r you sure of that Busy Signal left Jamaica in a different name on his passport when America ask for him to be sent to them to face drug charges he was no where to be found if he didn’t kno that after a number of years he cannot be convicted by America he would not have return and he was all the way in Holland Jamaica police force didn’t know that they are hideing stuff from the public did you know Lizard was wanted I guess not read and listen before you judge the system is a fraud they only tell you 1 side of a story did you know the 1 witness was on a illegal possession of fire arms charge and is either he testify or face the charge .Kartel was convicted because he has the young people mind and the government needs those votes to keep power you have your own opinion on anything but Buju Barton said the full has never been told .

  21. All he has to do now is answer to GOD.. The truth is out there and it will be reveal so all we as human as to do is leave in GODS hand everyone that is involve in this situation needs a prayer so lets all pray for them……

  22. I do not understand how some ppl come here want a murderer to be freed and yet want the police to solve crime. Is it hypocrisy or ignorance. If Kartel did kill unoo mada, what u will be preaching, free di worl boss still?

    • I respect you for that comment . They act like lizard wasn’t a human being because we don’t know him all who shouting free kartel should be ashamed because they where the 0nes cheering him when he was burning all his bridges that led to his downfall

      • How u know he did it. With all this bulls— evidence da was made up.da dosnt in america ,does it?i tught africa was lawless.but daammm.jamica l really fell bad for the lizar family, but maybe police killed him.because thats what corrupt government do when they want u .they go for u close friends, specially being kartel,comm on.if di justice wanna get u they will.

      • Stop using kartel for dancehall bad larycs,he ant the only one.

      • Do you r the courts have proof that man is dead but I guess you are not from the ghetto you don’t kno what goes on there with the poor youths and the police seeing is believing a me Fi tell you .

    • Stop talking and start speaking, dummy.

    • Ignorance

  23. All you idiots talking about this clown andforgetting that someone died. He got away before for murder he is the fool to think he above the law

    • How u know kartel did itpleasssssssss.

      • Because he is not stupid and neither is most of the intelligent ones….guilty as charged

      • @PORCHIA ….guilty until Lizard body is found,,,,,,,,,free di boss…OHHH

      • Some of you people drive me mad with ur ignoraneous self…what r u saying??? Err ‘guilty until lizards body is found’ ok so right result ‘Guilty’ ……’free the boss’ …well cannot free him because body not been found so he’s still guilty…mind boggles…
        .Hear me you don’t need a body to reach a guilty verdict….and regardless of the tampering with phone by police, still enough evidence to convict kartel and co

      • Tell me which evidence did that hmmmm

      • Can’t be a$$ to explain read the evidence bye

    • I bet you know nothing about Jamaica you only know what you hear

  24. Some one knows what happen to Lizard . Some one needs to talk then let him take a plea deal . I have 5 brothers and this doesn’t look good at all .

  25. This is unfair need to free di worl boss bigmon ting

    • Idiot. ..He should of killed one of ur family or better still killed u….

      • My girl its my opinion OK the case was one big joke try or nah??? Gi di worl boss a fair trail mek dem lock up your family fi life n see if it fair

      • My family don’t live by the sword!!!! Keep well away from people that are no good….We choose our friends wisely

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        No bicth he should have killed u

  26. Black and dark colours make you look smaller than reality too enuh, the camera lens got fooled too….. reality is the Gaza Don nah go see him kids as before….. that’s tuff !!

    • He should of thought about his 7 kids when he committing the crime. .guess he thought he was untouchable

      • Kartel is a waste, facts he is a murderer, facts he is going prison, possibility he may get life in prison, no one change that right now but the judge. And he still has more case, one with him and gaza slim, that sure three years. He Is a total waste.

      • Agree and yes he has to get life…no other sentence for murder….i love it these gaze fans on here getting angry….wind wind wind them up with the truth lol

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        Kill yourself fake hair wearing ass bicth u take ya ass bk to school

  27. Prison boss a fret and a loose weight. yo shoulda think twice before yo murder the youth cold blooded killer. Life sentence mi say

    • yardie go suk yourself boy free kartel

      • You don’t free murderers!!! unless ur one urself and on the

      • And if the person killed was a murderer? You know how many murderers were on both sides of the trial? Free world boss him innocent

      • Yes and you know how many kartel got off with??? He’s very lucky right now to be only up for one…..many more has been murdered by the hands of your werl boss…because you are alledging lizard was a murderer it does not constitue him being killed in the manner mentioned in court plus remember lizard was never charged or convicted of murder, kartel was…please spare a thought for lizard and his family. And hand don’t asked how I come to that conclusion about kartel and more murders…i have people in high places

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        U sound stupid u jus on here for wat??? YOU no Nothing go get your weave fixed ppl in high places bic– u ant even in a high pl unless u talk in bout smoking dumb hoe go get a fu—n life u all don’t see y the Mon got killed he was a fu—n thief a f****** thief He is dead cuz he was a fu—n thief it’s sad wen u make a wrong move cuz of somebody wrong u and all ppl c is wat u did if u take from ppl wat do u think should happen god also Said u should not wat???? OK then get it rite ppl

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        Bicth go kill ya self

    • All u bird need to stop talking bad about kartel,him and movado is the best thing ever happened to dancehall music.don’t help put the man under devil lifestyles. Everyone knows inmusicu have to defend u self.he just was good at it da no artist wanted to have anything to do with him.because they’ll loose the battle that’s why they want him lockup.but never knowwho goig to be in the same situation tomorrow. It could him or the police who killed lizard but at the end of it all,lizard and kartel families are the ones hurtin not the police or the jury. And that’s what corrupt people’s do to get u.they tru the ones that’s closer to u to get u.that what the corruption did to kartel,who kows,tell bounty chiller if he can’t make the situation better to leave it olone.stop making s commercial. We know u don’t want him out.freee kartel,and i send my love lizard families. Burn coruption…d.investigate kartel,but don’t forget to investigate the police too.big up movado….

      • Nonsense, it don’t matter how good he was in dancehall he is a murderer. I understand it hurt to see him go to waste but that what he choose.

    • How many people u killed lol…dont throw stones

  28. carelessboutpeople

    hold the faith; God love you same way!!!

    • No you wrong god nuh love him from him bleach his face he his daddy devil him need fi get a back black and get back his root and god nuh like you becuz u are lesbian it is Adam and Eve nt Adam and Steve yr parents dnt like you becuz u are ugly

      • Yes gaza bun out the careless one.

      • Burn Gaza yah idiot… You speak about bleach skin. Black people especially in the Caribbean been bleaching their skin for many years now. Way before Vybez Kartel did it. Statistics show that people of a lighter complexion has a better chance of being hired for a job rather than persons of a darker complexion. People like you just look for someone to blame for your own ignorance. Research a little more about your “black roots”. Your comment was ignorant and you show how immature you are. You may learn about your roots if you read Vybez Kartels book…

      • Whether or not lighter skin has more chance which is crap as far as I’m concerned….regardless of colour, you should embrace who you are and whst gpd gave upu and not change because of society…There are many a black skinned successful people…if you look around its mainly the ghetto people bleach

      • Good day..unfortunately in Jamaica?..PH57 is in fact is our history and traces of it still also mentioned “Ghetto People”..who couldn’t use their addresses either when filling out a job app..soon as the employer see” ghetto” chance..I remember when air jamaica had all bright skin pretty hair..nova Scotia the same..not even mention tourism no chance…we have come a long way since then thanks to Manley he attacked the issue and curved it..

      • I am not backing d bleaching ting still…but not only poor ghetto people bleach. Beyonce, Rhianna, Nia long and man many more rich and highly sophisticated people bleach also. Stop bashing the poor, please bash all. Thank u!!

      • A badmind a kill them them live a Jamaica so long and nuh have nothing to show they never been no where not even a eat good food so they think nobody should be living good if they r not living good badmind a the wickedest disease a bet the farest him go is the airport door and a struggle pon bus everyday and a work Fi Mr chin and still nuh have nothing lol too bad for you worthless go get the money and stop badmind it’s there for you too.

      • Lol gaza fans dem too dunce

      • Yep!!! Majority are

      • Den too dunce because they not from the middle east and call themselves Gaza

      • Ye then why you wear false hair porchia? Drive car and live in a house god neva give yu dat u was born naked walk naked then. Anyway I thought this was a murder trial. Your governments all over the world is killing people hoe many children barrack obama killed? I bet you have a photo of him somewhere. Whether or not kartel a murderer. If lizard wasn’t hanging in bad company his name wouldn’t call for stealing guns would he? Kartel was doing well for himself he uses his name and talent to get to the top unlike porcia simpson trying to keep poor people poor and kissing the western government ass.

      • Why mentioned USA did i say i lived there… government is not Obama. ..i wear extension because it’s easier for me…bleaching cannot compare the two and talking about living in house walking naked dumb….have to hide behind computer lol anonymous…whatever u say surely doesn’t effect me so keep it coming….i will say it as it is……Hang gaze werl boss lol

      • I am not a gaza fan could care less what happened to him I don’t bleach but if a person wants to bleach its there life no one else you alter your looks to look like a European by making your hair longer because you dont like your nappy african hair yes you can justify it by saying its easier to handle but you are no different from a bleacher and it’s not your fault you and millions of blacks are victims of European colonization which cause you to loose yourself confidence,if you wear makeup,false hair,bleach skin you are in the same basket the makeup is like bleaching it just temporary,so next time you want to point fingers don’t it just make you look stupid and ignorant to your own situation.

      • Lol i don’t have nappy head and i don’t need extension makeup to enhance my looks….i have it….One wears makeup to feel and look good when having a night out…i don’t wear make during day and all that is temporary…bleaching isn’t. pi$$ off little boy and save your breath pmsl

      • Lol. Porchia you know I am right you may call it enhance but you are changing the tone of your skin just like a bleacher,and remember that European brain wash I talked about you just proved me right by jumping to say you don’t have nappy hair nothing is wrong its the African race hair texture but you and every other black person try to pull away from the african looks the next thing you are going to tell me is that you are mix with some other race.

      • I don’t have nappy hair….im mix plus I’m getting sick of this to and fro so you will have to talk to the hand now…not going to justify to u so bye

      • See you are predictable I already told you what you would say next and you did,(im mix) . o yeh it is to go to work now have bless day.

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        U git to be American cuz u sound stupid as hell if u wear it at nite u put it on in the morning cutting the bs

      • Kelliedontplaywell Withothers

        It’s ez to say u wear fake hair cuz it ez for u if u do u have no room to talk if u wear anything that’s fake or bleaching so u both sound pretty stupid js ppl always wanna knock a mf for wat they do look at ya self I bet wen u take off the fake hair nails u look just like the rest of us blk ppl ask yourself who am I because with fake hair ext. U ready don’t no

      • PH57 WHEN THEY SAY PEOPLE OF LIGHTER SKIN THEY MEAN THE WHITE PEOPLE OKAY SO DONT MIX THAT UP. I like kartel but thats no excuse for bleaching.

      • Di man is different from everybody else. Di man bleach….so what leff Worl’ Boss alone a his owna life

      • AH GAZA WE SAY!!!!!!!!

      • U is a dunce head so monkey see monkey do? Real man nuh fi bleach talking pills ? Lava! Mi love mi complexion so I woundnt bleach it out for anything for jobs to make me look cute ect nothing a tall any book mi a read his marcus gravey phillosophy nt any book from a criminal and daddy devil thank god for the guilty verdict becuz kartel wah mash up dancehall freak it out no sah keep it inna hip hop

      • U r an embarrassment, bout read MARCUS GARVEY. Can’t even spell. All of if not 90% percent of dancehall music has been distorted by the artists from bounty killa to so called holy buju, SIZZLA, capleton and the biggest hypocrite ninja man. Shabba as a matter a fact all of them do raunchy, gun tune and some that make u question their morals….so don’t just bash kartel becuz u hate him. They all do good and bad songs..i think that is y they r called artists. They paint pictures with words. go eazy and just bill man. Please don’t reply with the bag of insults bcuz it looks childish and also ignorant!!

      • Thank you for shutting that idiot down. He needs to grow up….

      • Mi spell tis correct go s— out yr muma you dnt tell me wat I read from wat I dnt read who the hell is you ? King fish you that dancehall and hip hop is kinda the same thing batty man jay z , nas, dem a some a rap big name dem rap abt guns and other bad stuff so you point less . Kartel his the biggest embarrassment long side yr muma . Marcus gravey mi say we dnt like bleacher jah dash a fire pon d bleacher dem

      • You said he should stay the way god made him and no mi nah hide mi live at 31 summerhill road Bristol bs5 8hg . Make me know when u and ur people outside. Because mi nuh si nuh man woman or government officials mi afraid of a yet.

      • so why you anonymous

      • Big up yuh self PH57

      • Learn about your root if you read Vybz Kartel book – You write a statement like this and call others idiot – You are the idiot.

      • killers gaza to d thing

        U is a homosexual bout burn Gaza people like u hide and chat cause ure a coward I am sure u is a trani

      • It seems like u r going to heaven. Judge not ok “GOD”

      • Don’t cast stones if u live in a glass house my nigguh!!
        We all sin and none knows who is going to heaven or hell!!

      • Mi seh kartel nah guh how daddy devil mus go ?

      • Fu- off are You God!!!now i understnd Y peeps here Say U r a fool

      • Bleaching is no crime. Murder is. The Bible said “thou shall not kill” God will beat him because he violate.

  29. Pray addi…tings could still work out ala Jah Cure, Pac and Boosie

  30. mi feel sorry fi him same way cause when you haffi learn you ago lock up inna cage fi 25 yrs…..rass stress must tek ova.

  31. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    di must a fret wey u expect di man no want get life in prision

    • <——–Wat is that..ENGISH??? I'm American ..but I can't believe that y'all are FU—N UP You'll Queens language like that……question when you're in school in Jamaica do youll write in this broken / slang language…