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Vybz Kartel Lawyers Plans To Appeal Verdict

Vybz Kartel and three of his four co-accused are currently facing life imprisonment for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The four men were convicted by a 11-member jury yesterday in the Jamaican high court.

DETAILS: GUILTY .. Vybz Kartel Convicted Of Murder

Reps for the “Dancehall Hero” deejay told Urban last night that his lawyers are already planning to file an appeal to have the conviction overturned.

“I’ve spoken to Mr. Finson and plans are already underway to file an appeal,” the rep told us. “There were far too many acts of police corruption involving the case. In addition, there were no body and the main witness clearly concocted his story. We accept the jury verdict but Adidja Palmer is an innocent man being sent to prison.”

Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel’s government name, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John were convicted of the murder of their former associate Clive Williams.

Another co-accused, Shane Williams, walked free from the charges.

A sentencing hearing for the convicted men will be held on March 27 in the Home Circuit court.


  1. was lizard used as a pawn to get to kartel???

  2. in that video that they used to convicted kartel, they were atleast 10 people in there, yet only 4 went to prison, what’s the deal with that, apparently witness claimed that kartel beated lizard but no sign of beating in the video, becauser the pleace was dark. somene turned on a video and stated tapeing at some point… was it a police informwer who was paid a high price to help frame kartel?

  3. Kartel was drunk on the night he had the conversation with problem child, is problem child a police informer, karel was framed by people that he surround himself with and the baylolon, they wanted him long and this was the best way to get him. even if he had said he wanted to kill lizard in a unintentional matter, they used it against him, he acted carelessly!

  4. Those who are saying kartel is bad influence on the youth of Jamaica AM saying to you parent need to stop depending on celebrity to raise their children and do their job their self I think its unfare for these people..teach your children to be leaders and stop blaming karlel…

  5. stop supporting babylon, when them read ya comments they will think its fun sending ghetto youths ah prison willy nilly, whereas them are the ones who should be doing time. kartel paying the price for raising his voice against the corrupt government. if we keep quite, they will continue with their wicked ways while we suffer in the ghettos. lets all see where and what these politicians want us to be. him never killed no one, they saw him as a threat to them(government), he was brave to talk about the ills of the society and kartel could have easily helped shape up the country if everyone shared the same interests. tatoos and bleaching is just an artistic impression and for someone to sell records you should be as creative as possible. do you think corruption is gonna stop if someone dont talk about it? do you think potholes are gonna fill up on them own if someone don’t challenge the government? do you think the society will be liveable if we keep quiet? you think its logical to burn someone at least who coulda go into the studio and try and represent you the ghetto people? you think there will be peace in the ghettos until someone raises their voice? wake up people, watch kartels interviews on you tube and you will begin to understand what he stood for. lets wake up people, the government is just a business. they kill and try and find scapegoats, they rob in broad daylight. rise up me people!!! this is not about gaza or gully or any other faction, we need to stand up to them for our pickineys’ sake.

  6. Kartel did done seh h.i.m book will cost him his freedom or his life seet deh it come tuh pass

  7. Ah di sh-tsystem kill clive & frame kartel & Him people dem str88888 we all know how corrupted Jamaica government is he was gonna change the island it’s the mason oath & h.i.m book weh tell di truth trap h.i.m

  8. Unuh talk bout justice well served and
    prevail di hate weh uno ave fi kartel wah mek dem nuh turn it around pan roger
    clarke weh claat di yute off the bike and kill him an not even court him nuh
    guh and the man weh drive the x6 weh shoot di young yute.But people nah crucify
    them fi that unuh a watch di man bleaching and lyrics thats y mi seh Jamaican
    people a bloodclaat hypocrite. Man like mi neva try judge nobody yet cause nuff
    so call christian a satan in flesh and guh round a fu– off people picni and
    them dutty politrickian weh inna parliament a thief up tax payers money. Unnuh
    tell mi if a lie mi a tell unuh eva si a politician a jamaica guh prison
    yet?….Cuh how long di 1 name spencer deh a road fi di light bulb ting an all
    now them nuh charge not even a holding area a station him nuh guh. Cuh pan all
    the two pnp mp weh dem ketch a duh scamming in 2 days the case bust off unuh
    tell mi if a justice that?..Mi love mi country but most Jamaican people ave
    dutty heart and them a hypocrite unnuh wake up,kartel going to jail nuh mean
    seh the system change all of a sudden. Peter bunting them just use him as
    scapegoat fi cover up all dem failures. Is a ghetto yute them a send guh prison
    this suppose show unuh seh dem can build a case against any citizen revise weh
    INNA PARLIMENT. As far as mi si it a trick them a trick unuh system cannot
    change inna 1week especially the wrecked and corrupt 1 out yah…A who them a
    try fool..kmt…And dancehall soon done fah cause the politician and police dem a
    try put dem foot in deh long time fi mek money off it…suh all the artiste dem
    weh a rejoice fi talk di truth seh di government a fight out dancehall artiste
    just cause dem fanbase and influence more powerful dan the government.

    • None a dem man deh weh yuh a point out nah use dem money to buy an arsenal of guns… what for?? Why buy so many guns? Yuh only need one fi protect yuhself…a licensed one… why buy a trailer load a guns and issue to di yutes dem? Yes him burn di fire pon babylon but can he control what men does with the guns issued to them? Why not build some schools, trade projects so that the youths can learn a trade or just duh sumting positive. Mi listen to him music, him chune dem full a vybz, but mi love mi country more than how mi love him music. And if kartel gone a prison and leff a trailer load a gun pon di streets, mi wah adequate, competent, intelligent and proper policing fi deal wid di rest a dem. Wi nah condone di innocent killing and false imprisonment, just transparent policing wi asking for.

    • True thatjustice for some and prison forsome

  9. Yo first of all me is a reggae and dancehall fan overall. i dont favour anybody whether kartel or damian marley a jus music me say. If u do the crime pay the penalty thats jus it. I will say this tho. the jamaican system is known for its lackadaisical traits and cover ups. they see vybz kartel as a threat..young black ghetto youth with power. I wont lie..his image is a bit sketchy yes..but think about your minds for one minute and think as educated people.. If you were a business man selling bags..wat would you do? Make the bags appealling according to what the public is gravitating towards… The same with musicians..rappers..djs..rnb singers..pop stars u name it.. Dont blame kartel for violence in jamaica because killings n robbery a gwaan long time from befone me and you born..chronixx did a song saying he gona burn the vatigan..why isnt he been brought up for his ungodly lyrics?? The people demand a certain profile from kartel and thats is what he gives through his music to put food on his table..thats just it..

    The court case was very very sketchy. Im not saying this because im a fan im sayin this because clearly their case was weak but simply because its outcome was already heavily influenced thats the outcome we are seeing now. Evidence tampered with is jus a no no. Hw can u extract information from a blackberry? Dont the president of united states use a blackberry? Why because of its impecible encryption? Wat kinda a machine dem talking about? Tell me? Because it was said that terrorists used Blacberry phones to avoid their informaton being looked at.. The security minister clearly blamed kartel for the crime in jamaica and that i was disapointed in..People react to the treatment they get from the government..People a tief light, a kartel fault that too? Priest a rape likkle bwoy a kartel fault to? rubbish.. the police and the system had planned to get him from day one..they planned it all..I just cant see how they found him guilty based on that kinda circumstantial evidence .. i jus cant. I would like to see an appeal done in a court that cannot be manipulated.. This one clearly was.

    • Oh plz, get over over it. Did you not see where the Judge instructed the juries not to convict the man on the basis of his music. One of the wickedest badman lyrics I knw of is Mad Cobra, mi nuh hear him a go jail fi two murder, n nuff badman lyrically out there, and dem nuh on no murder trail. Look weh the man get kill over, illegal guns, a no say dem a fight or him F him gall and it get out a hand, why a man like him have illegal guns for? And you knw say all now me nuh hear no man a say a rein act the police dem rein act the videos, and let me remind unuh, memba say a unuh same one a say police corrupt and tampered with evidence, so yuh nuh think say some police can tampered it on purpose fi discredit the evidence?

      • Finally someone understand what I’ve been saying all along…corruption run both ways…jamaican police and politicians too licky licky. ..dem had enough evidence to convict him without having to tamper with with it but, the mere fact seh dem suh damn licky licky, don’t be surprised if the conviction get overturned.

      • I live in the united state and I study the law..and from the evidence that is gathers there is no clear views that he had committed murder..when a person is guilty there would be no reason to tamper with evidence..and from what I heard or I should say read he was convicted for personal reason.they are saying he he is bad for Jamaica.but they should look at what the Jamaican government is doing to their own shame of ourown all blaming kartel but parents need to be their children parents no kartel teach you’re children to be leaders not followers.

      • Plz go hold a seat and si-dung! I nuh care where you live, zeen. Do you knw who tampered with it? Was it the the popo who want to see him go jail or the popo who don’t want to see him go jail. Yuh nuh know a who tampered with it, suh shut ur rass. And what kind a tampering, it just says they use the phone to make calls, that’s it, what else dem do wid it, not texting or pictures. I keep asking u ppl, did the popo reenact the videos too as well as pictures? Ok what personal reasons was he found guilty for? Did you even hear the judge summary? Listen, nuh worry bout my country, we are doing fine, not perfect, but we are getting better. Now, as it pertains to your country, mi not even walk talk about miscarriages of justice and corruption in the highest level, no point no finger you will juck out ur own eyes darlin. Mi dear, a one ting I&I blame Kartel for and is the death of the youte, suh shut ur rass mouth.

      • You are so deep into this sh– trial you invested so much of your time every seccond post is you challenging some one maybe you have something to do with the disappearance of lizard and the cover up just to blame kartel

      • Last year man give man 8 shot and police don’ even ask question ..that to show some people best away with murder and some go to prison innocent

      • I can’t reply to ur post above, here is your post, “You are so deep into this sh– trial you invested so much of your time every seccond post is you challenging some one maybe you have something to do with the disappearance of lizard and the cover up just to blame kartel” . You are really something else, lets say ur right about I have something to do with lizard disappearance why would I come here and challenging ppl like you about ur self proclaimed world boss, when ur self proclaimed world boss is in jail for it, dat make any sense “Sandy Sandy”, and am not stuttering either? And listen, what I do with my times, is my concern not yours, I don’t complain about how much time you spend on your back, now do I? And another thing, is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, so tel me, is with whose time you took to come and check and see that am spending too much time here? Whose time did you took to read my comment? Plz tell me.

    • My youth kartel was convicted and found guilty from day one..this wasa conspiracy against him..him couldn’t escape it something telling me he is innocent…if you sure a man is guilty you don’t have to tamper with evidence..and that’s what they do..the system stink

  10. Eric Gumenu Zagatie

    Addi mi knouw unno walk free#gaza mi seh

  11. justice for tommy

    Mr finson just an advice if u want the case to get turned over please go to the Caribbean court of justice (CCJ)…IF U GO AND APPEAL AND THE CASE IS IN JAMAICA THE SAME RESULTS WILL COME OUT OF THE CASE.


      • Where would they find a jury that has not heard the case and have made up their mind already and worse the verdict already.

      • Young youth hopefully you see that there is no justice for young black youth..don’t know if kartel is guilty or not but all I know he didn’t get a fare trial justice for some and liberty for some

      • Well if a suh u think, u entitle to that, but I beg to differ.

      • It seem like you are the only one entitled to an opinion..

      • It seems like you are the only one entitled to an opinion

      • this case is a good example of witch hunting where people decide to implicate someone of partaking in black magic/vodoo by quickly setting up a kangaroo court where a guilty verdict has already been reached in advance

      • Sir, that is very disrespectful of you to compare JA court system to a Kangaroo court sir, same on you sir.

      • Yes, apologize to kangarro court.

      • If only you were genuine. Ur lack of respect for Jamaica court system is the same attitude that landed your World Boss in jail.

      • Do not put justice n jamaica in the same sentence-oxymoron

      • Am with you I always say they should petition to change the judge long time ago

      • The judge they put before the court need to go back to law school or probably resign. He’s stupid i don’t know if hes PNP or what as for as i see PNP government is illiterate. and will never win back an election dis is not necessarily in defense of vybz kartel i am talking about the system in general.


    • Good luck with that, keep in mind, the case will be much harder and even take ridiculously longer than this one. It will not be a jury any longer, it will most likely be a 3 panel member who are legal minded(judge/lawyer), suh no lawyer can trick dem up or confused dem like how dem wud a try confuse the jury. And above all he is way behind the 8 ball.

      • Good point… but this murder trial have to be taken back to the court… They wasn’t trying to trick the jury open your mind…the prosecution actually did and they came out with a victory. The judge and the jury wasn’t paying close attention on evidence i can tell u that, the prosecution and the judge and jury come together to won the case, its obvious that this was an unfair trial.

      • Willie it was very obvious from the judges summation that the judge was intent on misleading the jury. and it’s very strange for a judge to take 6 days to review the prosecution evidence.

      • Thank you very much at least someone see’s my point.

      • Ok, what say you about the jury that was arrested for trying to bribe and return a NOT GUILTY? I never said they try to trick the jury, I said” suh no lawyer can trick dem up or confused dem like how dem wud a try confuse the jury” I never said his lawyer did that. Look, listen lend you ear to the street, especially Waterford and you will hear different about Jail Boss, aka Kartel di Great (KDG)” and by the way that right down the street from where I am, Westchester sir.

      • In a sense, whether kartel guilty or not, him get what he deserves. Him have blood on his hands for other murders that didn’t went b4 the courts, so we could call it double jeopardy. On the other hand, lizard also got his just rewards and if you’re from Waterford as claimed, then I don’t need to explain that part to u. The corruption within the justice system was exposed in its highest form throughout this trial. In order to get the conviction overturned, the defence team would have to prove to the court of appeal that the judge and prosecution made a mistake/mistakes and that won’t be so hard to do.

      • Sir, I agree with you, but what many is failing to understand, is this. the corruption of which thy speak of in this case is the unscrupulous police who tried to discredit the evidence by tampering with it, but Jah nah sleep.

      • Lol… Your actually corrupt in your mind… go on do your research read a law book before you come again and embarrass yourself vybz kartel is going to prison I-N-O-C-E-N-T-L-Y… case close…

  12. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Dawg mi nelly cry for this
    Nah but me feel it
    Just sayin

  13. The main reason them fight kartel suh a cause him influence bigga dan di dutty politician dem a jamaica and most people weh a talk bout him fi guh jail neva did pree di case from day 1. Until dem show di body dem an some valid evidence mi seh him innocent,people fi stop judge kartel off lyrics an stop be hypocrites. When roger clarke lick dung di yute off di bike mi nuh hear dem bring so much scandal pon him not even court him nuh guh and di man weh drive the x6 weh shoot di yute how dem nuh send him guh prison. Atleast kartel a talk fi di ghetto yutes which artist a duh dat right now ”none”. Some a unnuh know di man innocent unnuh just a carry personal feelings and unnuh gwaan like badman song nah sing long before kartel born. Kartel a di voice of di ghetto dats y di ppl dem love him suh cause a him alone a attack di dutty government and police.

    • Which Ghetto youte, the same one dem him say he is not a role model for? A nuh him a lone a bun out Babylon , there were many before him and there will be many after him. And for the life of me, why so many ppl are still stuck in the dinosaur era, go heck your history, there are many case in many country where the juries convict with out a body. Its call circumstantial evidence. .i.e. Lets say two man go a sea and one come back. and the idiot go text and video how him kill di man and push him overboard? Obviously you will most like not find the body cuz fish will eat it, or maybe him tie a load to it and sick it, suh yuh a tell me say yuh cant convict? There are many cases or scenarios where the body will not be able to located. i.e. When dem big jumbo jet crash or get lost a sea, whey yuh a tell mi say, cuz we cant find di ppl dem body or most of the plan debris, yuh a tell mi say dem nuh dead, plz.

      • Yute a kartel alone a attack them wicked the man even guh far as fi all call dem name song…u nuh see the rest a artist them afraid of the government a bay mumble them know fi mumble….Mi shouldn’t even a tell u that neither cause nuff unuh jus a carry personal feelings fi kartel like him fu– unuh woman har something har unuh just hate di man suh mi nah explain nothing to u.

      • Yow, if u cant see say the man guilty, change ur name to Stevie Wonder and the grow the hell up.

      • And if u see theyre guilty based on fkrry prosecution presented, fake stories n bias judge u go ahead n change ur name to jim crow zimmerman hilton,u fool!

      • Listen, cry mi a river likkle girl, go hold a seat and sidung. Get over it and if you cant, u can go visit the jail boss anytime yuh want. Lend an ear to the streets, especially Waterford and you will know about the real Kartel, a cyber world yuh live in a likkle girl.

      • You invested so much time and energy into this case something telling me you are getting pay to do so.something fishy about challenge everyone who is not in agreeing with your bull sh–

      • Changingthefuture_

        Okay as much as the man is guilty, look at every detail in the case. He was given an unfair trial. He has the right to a speedy and fair trial. I don’t really care about Kartel enuh, but if Kartel whom had big lawyer can have such an unfair trial what does it say for the common folk? That’s what you need to look at, what does that say for you? That’s what everyone in Jamaica should look. Yes Kartel maybe killed the man but what does it say for the innocent people? His trial drag on wayyy tooo long and his trial was totally unfair, evidence after evidence and yet still to me they have not proven that Kartel did anything, him TALKIN to someone on his phone about killing someone just gives him a motive, the witness statement was only circumstantial. Where was the real evidence in the case? Where were the facts? That was only perception, one’s views, and if one’s perception is the deciding factor in whether or not I go to jail, then something has got to change in the Jamaican government. His case was a real eye opener for me, I never knew that the Jamaican government was that bad. But it’s terrible! Did you know that at least 80% (year 2010) of Jamaicans don’t know the laws of the country? Do you know what not knowing the law means? It means they don’t know their rights, it means that within 10 people 8 of them don’t know what the hell is going on. Guess what though, THAT’S NOT THEIR FAULT! The government doesn’t do enough to let people know where to go to figure out the laws, they don’t do enough. Kartel’s case got me interested enough to do research on Jamaican’s government.

      • Thst might make sense if story in this case actually went that way, but so called video n evidence that u consider “curcumstantial” here were all created 3 hours AFTER Addi was in custody. AFTER. FInd me the case that matches that. And why van der sloot neva did time for holloway disapearance? Dude confessed entire ting on a video,describin it to a detail. N i can give u many other examples.Circumstantial evidence used in this case was never admittable evidence to begin w n pls dnt ask me then ‘why” then judge accept it-that judge broke his own rules,disrespectful primitive bastard.have a chat w michael welner or jose baez,dont listen to me. Ur talkn down to ppl who make way more sense than u,check urself

      • Really, so you tell me you never heard of a case where they convict without a body. If you don’t, you need to get out more and read more, yuh stuck in cyber world. After reading, if you fail to find any, let me know, I will send you a few links. And O’ silly child, to answer the question about Van Der Sloot, the circumstantial evidences were not strong enough for a conviction, Go read up on it again.

      • Ur ignorant ,know-it-all, house n attitude is what got my world boss in jail- attitude a “judge”and u wannabee brits r still carrying over,unfortunatley. Speakin to u n ur kind is utterly useless, u are fighting for whats fighting u.Do not tell me about Wataford, silly boy,or to read a book.Ur narrow minded n dense as f. and f ur system,judge,prosecutors n all u zombies. F u and brits who fd ur dumb head up,ignorant brute.Ur a shame.

      • Suh yuh had to say silly boy cuz I say silly girl? Now I see where you get your inspiration from, can’t think fi uself. Don’t be mad at me, cuz I dont live in a fish bowl such as urself. Yuh need to get out more often, as Ninja Man, some bwoy need fi watch Law & Order, I think that applies to you too, silly girl, you might learn a thing or two. And yea, sit down and wait for the appeal, you will be 0-2. Did you do the research like I had suggested, you can convict without a body? Are do you want me to spoon feed you likkle girl.. Your basis for name calling has no bearings my dear, if you want to call someone dumb and all sort a names, go call Jail Boss, how dumb can he be, video and texting, really, what a retard.

      • Bless..good point but the moment Bobylon tek up kartel phone dem and start mek personal calls..which dem admit already IN court?…that circumstantial evidence should be considered tampered with..and shoulda been thrown out..that’s the fork in the road cause if it was one a fi dem Babylon association a dat dem woulda a seh fi get them off..beleive mi

      • Sir, a personal call is not evidence tampered within itself, the phone was tampered with by making calls, not necessary the evidence. Saying that, by no means I condone that behavior, cuz dem cuda easily dash wey the case cuz a dat. And in my personal opinion, I think whoever that was in charge of securing the evidence, he or she should be fired!!! Also as it pertains to dem using the phone, I don’t care about that to a point, why, cuz there are time stamps, and the court records shows when the phone was in used(it cud have been for or against Kartel so why many assumed its for and not). I and the jury care about before them get it, not after. Yuh knw what amaze me sir, why the defence and Kartel dem no get the record of not just when it was in custody, but before, why dem never do that, cuz dem knw that if they do, they would just validated what prosecutor are saying. Again, sir, many ppl fail to see or understand that there are police as well that will do anything to the phone to try discredit the evidence, and am not surprise if dem deleted things too, but dem just cud not do it from the main brain at the phone company.

      • Ok I hear how you thinking “sir”..but check diz real talk if a Foreign Kartel did Deh he walks..up yaso a REAL Bobylon tings gwan..weh wicked pon some exponential levels you knw dat..and they would have let Kartel WALK!..Murder is the wrost thing and if prosecutors a claim seh a man get beat to death..knw how much blood affi spill if a man a get beat to death?..NUFF and nuh matta weh it drop you can’t rub it off wid bleach. No weapon, no body(parts) no witness just phone records. C’Mon meng
        Evidence in a REAL court of law is treated like gold that needs to be locked away in fort knox in a big rahtid safe because the LAW is that if anyone even touches it much less make a phone call? is considered compromised ya dig?.. The LAW is just as strict towards the prosecution if they make mistakes they get reprimanded by having whatever is in fault thrown out to protect the integrity of the Court so nobody can’t call it Kangaroo..jurors? nuh tell mi nuttin bout nuh jurors..Jamaica Court still got a lot to learn as far as high profile cases. EVERYBODY knws how Our Country deal wid wanted man already and it ain’t through no courts a jus di other Day we know bout these tings..before dat a Black Rhyno kill dem an dun!!
        peep diz Kartel gonna get off it’s just gonna take him another 3 to 4 years which the aristocratic community a yaad who hated Kartel and also who held sway over the Jury have finally accomplished their goal they held him for as long as they can..drag out di trial for as long as they can now find him guilty so he have to appeal and then drag that out til he bout 43-44 thinking they have destroyed his career but dem forget seh Ninja man and Supacat who mash up sting dem man deh a 50 so wah..

      • Yow dawg a real talk that:)-:)

      • Ppl keep saying if a did the far-in-land him would a walk, yuh nuh knw dat, it better yuh say a suh you feel, and no one no knw dat. Dont forget that some of the most hideous, horrendous case that we look to get justice especially for black ppl in America, justices had too many miscarriages, too many times for ppl in America, much less black ppl, so yuh need to check that, ok sir. As it pertains to blood,it depends, you can have a lot of internal bleeding. A lifeless body that has been beaten on the ground does not necessarily means a lots of blood has to leak out, hello, check that. And sir, yuh nuh thing did ppl dem wud a try clean up some did blood? And how do you knw how much blood was at the scene, where you there? As I said, I want, and only care about what’s on it be the popo get it sir. And again, the lawyers ain’t no dummies, they could have gone and get the phone records of the time in question, not just that the phone was used in the the custody of the popo, why they did not, I guess Kartel should sue his lawyer for malpractice, plz, they cannot and will not cuz dem already knows what’s on it sir.Would you, yes you, would you not have gone to the phone company and get a print out of all your text during the time of custody and present it as your evidence,would you not? Why you worry about a phone call or two that the police did and you knw dem have time stamp, concentrate on your text humbre. But what many fail to understand is this, one evidence in itself did not convict him, there were others as well. What about the other phones, and did they tampered with the video too. Did the tampered with hospital record of the dog bite too? Get over it, you and I and waterford and many of JAs knws kartel doing, and this is a case of Jah nah sleep, Kartel times just run out or catches up with him. As for as appeal, you will be 0-2. 25 year, and him serve over two already, so he will be out in 22 plus years. And big up to the jury dem who nuh take no buy out and the lickie one weh deh pan triail, I hope him get teh maxxxxxxxxxx.

      • who is problem child? why was problem child never investiaged? is problem child a police informer? where is the taxi driver that apprently dropped lizard off at the house, he’s a key witness why was he never calleed to the stand? wow, the truth will come out, was lizard made a pawn to framed kartel?

      • I Aint gonna Front…I still feel the court never had enough evidence for a life sentence…but right ya now..can’t nobody defend Kartel.. and I went in hard defending how dem just move pon him’s like it was just understood by everybody him did guilty.. nuh need nuh evidence. A wen mi hear it from the streets..the observation was him did a move too brawling…no holds barred..and the Twilight Zone reach him..I don’t take back anything I said because if Kartel and dem was friend he woulda walk free!

    • somene turned on a video and stated tapeing at some point… was it a police informwer who was paid a high price to help frame kartel?

  14. Deep down I knew he was guilty, but wanted more tunes.