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Vybz Kartel Trial: Judge Reviewing Star Witness Testimony

Justice Lennox Campblell’s attention is now on the prosecution star witness Llamar Chow.

The presiding judge in the Vybz Kartel murder trial is currently giving the jury his summation of the high profile trial. His review of the star witness testimony is the longest so far since he began last Thursday.

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This morning Justice Campbell told the 11-member jury to determine if Llamar Chow is a credible witness. He also said that they are allowed to reach a different verdict for each accused men.

“You are the sole judges of the facts in this case,” the judge said. “It is not the judge’s verdict that is asked for, but yours and yours alone. Your verdict need not be the same for all. Review the evidence against all separately.”

Justice Lennox Campbell also told the judge to use extra care when using eyewitness and voice notes evidence.

“People sound like people,” the judge said, adding that “the danger is more acute.”

“I must, therefore, warn you to be very careful to convict anyone on eyewitness evidence,” the judge told the jury. “There have been wrongful convictions in the past.”

The judge also questioned why the star witness Llamar Chow gave the police his statement 8 days after the alleged murder took place on August 16, 2011.

The defense is arguing that the star witness concocted the statement along with the help of police officers to avoid a gun charge that could have landed him behind bars for years.

The star witness told the court during his testimony that he saw his friend Clive “Lizard” Williams lifeless body laying on the floor in Vybz Kartel’s house in Havendale on the day of the alleged murder.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The Crown says Williams, who is a former associate of the accused men, was killed on August 16, 2011 over two missing guns belonging to the dancehall star.

His body has yet to be found.

If convicted the men could face life imprisonment.


  1. Honestly, this has been going on too long guilty or not guilty. The fact that it has been going on so long seems shady to me. Innocent until proven guilty. …what proof do you have? All evidence has been proven to be tampered with. Even if he is guilty it is a shame before God the way the police has done this case. If it was my family member, I would be pissed off at the police department because it seems like they are lying to get a conviction. In 2000, my cousin was murdered by her best friend husband leaving behind 2 children who called him Uncle. The proof was her body and her friend who he also shot leaving her to die but she survived to tell what happened. His conviction- 67 years plus. That was evidence based on facts and truth. Our family was 100% satisfied and if our lawyer/ police department would have done anything to messed that up for us we would have been pissed. This is ridiculous at this point they need to count their losses and let them go free. No use in prolonging this anymore! # unbiased opinion

    • Damn right…. All the evidence has been tampered with… or made up..

    • Different time we living in , wake up, wolf in sheep clothing. As a ghetto youth start make a little them form gang and call crew locking gun ….ect Kartel is a gun man and behind bars his where he belongs. Don’t compare cases.

    • LIFEHUSHTAG# IT’S TIME TO CLEAN UP AN DO IT THE RIGHT WAY SNOOP LION JAYZ 50CENT GAME R KELLY list goes on clean up… if he have so much impact on some of y’all, times as been change…..that y if we listen to music so much an love those Ppl so much y not bring back the old times music where there are Bob Marley because there I know a man saying something is right for us…an believe me that man there he knows this is a time serious times…an I bet he will change let’s see in a few years to come what he will bring new to our youths… just like what snoop lion did for his Ppl turn sh– around…. so all we can do is move forward….

  2. Guilty as charged! Put all those monsters in Jail. We tend to turn a blind eye to things that have no impact on us as Jamaicans. However, we want everyone to care as soon as we are in the hot spots or someone that we love. Even though there is no body, the evidences provided are more that compelling to convict those Monsters (Bout minced meat, damn out of order). I cry 25 to life!!!! *rolled eyes*

  3. Why blaming the Government, when the same ghetto youth them killing off each other. As them start make little money they form a gang and call crew. Then buy or borrow gun. Time to wise. Put Kartel where he belong… in prison. Don’t support him.

    • U Mek wholeep a Sence mi fren..(ioctain) u talk addi REALESTTALK

    • Sometimes we can have all the the education in the world an still not smart about things….Jamaica is a beautiful island but I thank God that when I vacation there it okay…but when I come there I an my friend can’t wear jewelry an drive along where they rob Ppl ….when I see lil boys lil kids with toy guns running in the street it was like that crazy…. it have Ppl come from the ghetto but still make it on top the smart way….I’m not here to judge this dude but the man hands is not clean y he can let his own kind kill his own kind…y should it b OK for him to mascara his own Ppl…we all grown ass ppl an it’s time to clean up an do the right thing…look at snoop lion he did fu– up sh– to his Ppl but he grow an realize that this sh– is real it’s time I fix my Hood an make it right he did….jayz. r Kelly an the list goes on an they fix it….we out there cussing an on this sh– acting out at each other when this dude maybe saying to him self. let me learn maybe this is a wake up call For him…I’m not sorry an sad he maybe saying the same thing..like for real is he got this much power to move Ppl like that I pray he come out but to do the right thing for his Ppl an say to God I’m sorry…….what if he change an God use him what will his Ppl say will they still look at him different.. this world may God help us all…

  4. Judge that’s the only good thing I have heard from u since your summation thumbs up for that free the world boss and the Gaza youths

  5. Because the person that is DEAD is not their relative.

  6. primo ny aka peace

    Well this it, Kartel 25 to life, he is definitely guilty, and everybody know they just being naive, and some don’t care and becuse the person that is DEAD, yes DEAD… because we all know Lizard is DEAD. And if you say he not you are an EDIOT (mean you’re stupid) so it would be useless having a conversation with you. Did you guys see his picture today if he stay another month he would tell who and who involve in the killing. Jamaican people stop being NAIVE a fi wi country stop being angry with the Government and politicians because a we same one vote for them. With that been said, now do what is right. Kartel is a gun man no doubt, why would an artist as big as kartel doing with an illegal gun not one but two lending it to someone also no reason to have it. PUT KARTEL WHERE HE BELONG IN JAIL!!!

    • pretty naive to say someone is dead for sure with no evidence. sounds pretty concuted to me, makes sense that thr witness is trying to cover his a–.

    • Seems like ur trying to hav all the sence, bt its to the point where it just sounds like bare foolishness! Smh. & u talk so certant of lizards death as if u were there! If kartel & the rest a dem guilty, then they just are. Bt lets nt convict dem b4 the REAL jury do or do not!

    • Bro….. people dissappear all the time. He’ll probably come after the case is over.
      People go to jail all the time for things they didn’t do….. Kartel keep jeering the police and authority or the government with sONGS like “can’t frame me” And more. They’re (the police) just trying their hardest to prove Him wrong and it seems like the judge is down with the bullsh– too….. do you know Jamaican police? Or did you live on the smile side of town where the cops get tips round Christmas time???? The man obviously being framed. And lizard is probably missing to us. Or dead. Maybe the police killed him or the prosecutions main witness that testify against kartel. He ain’t no fu—ng saint. What evidence? Chopped and screwed video?? Made up hilarious text messages. Especially the ones where lizard is texting his girlfriend. … surrounded by bad man and sending some bi–h ass texts????? For real???? That to me is the prosecutions main witness holding a gun to lizards head and telling him what to do before he killed him…….

    • I searched the DICTIONARY from top to bottom and I don’t see where the word EDIOT appears never mind a definition.

  7. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    The way di case look rite now Me feel say kartel ago walk free but somebody mite get convict for the murder hope is not shawn storm doe..Free the worl’boss