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Busta Rhymes Supports Vybz Kartel In Court Today [PHOTO]

Busta Rhymes is not only a big fan of Vybz Kartel music but he is also a good friend of the dancehall star.

The New York rapper, who is of Jamaican descent, showed up at the Home Circuit court today in Kingston to support the self proclaim Worl’Boss.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Deliberation Starts Today

A verdict in the long trial could be reached as early as today. Justice Lennox Campbell is currently giving jury instructions.

Busta Rhymes Kartel murder trial

Busta Rhymes was asked for a comment but says he will speak to reporters after the verdict.

Busta Rhymes and Tom Tavares-Finson


  1. Well Kartel was found guilty so I guess Busta’s support didn’t really work. Now everyone can stop fighting and start worrying about all the things everyone said was wrong with Jamaica.

  2. mad free wolrd boss

  3. Burn Gaza. I see u tell people they are dunce and how they talk fu—ry. You my good man are an absolute toilet of a bloke. All you do is chat bull s–t. U can’t even string a rational paragraph. All u have do done is spoke hate. U have not based your evidence of a guilty verdict on fact I pity you. you are a sad angry man who has no life. Have you ever read your post back to yourself u sound like a fool

  4. Busts go back to america because you a look fame, none is here for you, do you know the millions lost them lives to these kind of people? Get out you nasty punk go learn fi sing

  5. free world boss many pple commite crime and dem walk free, but mi don nuh bout dis man weda gult or NOT… u don see work don but all eyes to crime don, le mi seh its nothing hard ma prayer iz dat God may see Gaza man thrugh… stevlims from Kenya

    • Go back where you come from, it more civilize on this side. You don’t even know who or what you talking about.

  6. A great look B

  7. Eric Gumenu Zagatie

    Friends in high places wouldn’t influence the judge nor jury.

  8. So Busta come show im support. Good fi im. Yet during the whole trial not one local artist showed their support for the self proclaimed world boss. Hmmm !!!

  9. Kartel guilty as sin. GUILTY?!!!

  10. That’s huge real friend . You know who your real friends are . Mobay mi sey . Tun up!

  11. Y’all succin kartel dicc real hard smh damn dicc ryders lol crazy part about all this kartel couldn’t careless about y’all who screaming free daddy lmao stupid a– ppl out here

  12. Keepingg it Real

    first off mek me big up busta real gaza youth ok thats out the way……….wah the f@#$k wrong if busta come support the man a curt him mek it late when the case a done but him show up fagcaan addi right head live a yard and not even slice a bread that send addi nuff dj weh ever a bigg up addi fi get a hype from addi lock up yo see none a dem…… b4 unnu start talk bout busta fi stay a america and bay f#$%kry unnu try look and see if none a him so call friend dem in a dance hall show up fi support him fagcaan a run back a mofrado and carrier killer (thats bounty killer) nah pay the man wey say papi a your time fi shine bright no mind


    gulity or no gulity i dont give a fu– not a fan and never will but bless up u self busta as the 5 star general say support fi support me rate that

  14. kartel should be free just now and you fools that talk hate will still moves your heads to the man music this was a set up the police killed the man,how could anyone believe he is guilty with no body to murder weapon, this is why we laugh there is so much fools in jamaica that need to read a law book and stop leaving stupid comments, leave this page for the smart people and think with reason

    • I can’t believe so much people are hating and they haven’t even go a body,I don’t want to see how they would be like if there was a body

  15. spliff star!!!!!!!!! haha

  16. He never knew Trayvon he’s jusy trying to support his friend

  17. Where is popcaan and rest of them…

    • wat planet u on? popcant not in de gaza. there isnt even a gaza

    • The whole a dem sell him out country boy jus like how big pu$$y kartel sell out the war lord bounty killer wat goes around come right back around kartel his root of sell out dnt bite the hands dat feed you kartel his a lil ungreatfull fu@ker GUILiTY VERDICT

    • who…d sellouts dem? dem deh pon dem knee a pray to God fi Kartel nuh touch road yuh zeet yuh zeet!!

  18. Busta need to stay in America and go support the Africa American yutes weh the poclie a kill a get wah , leave daddy devil alone

    • Where is all this hatred within your heart coming from?

      • Country boy guh tie up some goat or somthing which hate u talking abt ? Wat abt lizard weh dem beat to death if all a dem man deh walk free the case get buy out . No sypamty for any man dat dnt av any morals burn out the demon dem

      • duppy bat!!!! how much country inna jamaica? 13!! one town!!!!!!!!! which part bob marley,peter tosh,usian bolt,marcus garvey,garnet silk come from to name a few??? which part inna jamaica fus had cars? which part inna jamiaca fus had electricity ? (st.elizabeth) know yourself likkle bait!!!!! a chop man chop dung di bush dem come a town so unu can have pu..sss.y cl.a,tt car fi drive!!!!

        when man deh a country with light bulbs everybody inna “town” was lighting a candle singing a sanky and finding their flipping way back home”

        know yourself!! unu quick fi talk bout country dis and country dat!! mi is a jamaican not a country boy
        jamaica is a “country”

      • Yow bredda, yuh caah argue wit BURN GAZA. That guy is a bit–. Seems like him a wear panty or sumn. Di man nuh have nuh life. Every day di man foward pon addi articles and post one bag a fu—ry. Ignore that retard. He is a di– su—ng fa–ot that loves the attention!

      • Burn dutty gaza

        U dutty muma a the biggest bit@h she sell her pu$$y round a back road every night . If anybody a ride di::k for attention a mus yr daddy . Nothing wrong if everyday mi get up and burn out devil and all demon dem. god mi sey nt devil that’s why kartel Ina jail yah now . Work fi the devil then u get a raw deal who’s fault no one bt his self jah nah help with his case becuz he bleach his face lol

      • Suh wat his yr point country boy ? Mi a talk abt daddy devil if him guilty or nt a dat mi a talk bout mi nuh need you to tell mi how many tis and dat Ina Jamaica and a lie u a tell a county u from ? U is the biggest duppy bat nt even did a talk to u , bt u ready fi trese like a big pu$$y gyal u and dat Nex country boy fi gallang guh tie up some goat or go pick UNO lunch

      • Correction there’s actually 2 towns (cities) in Jamaica now Montego bay and Kingston

      • CORRECTION??? Don’t try to correct people if u are not informed or can’t select the right words to put in a sentence to express yourself using the right information.
        There are 14 parishes in the beautiful island of Jamaica and thirteen cities. Each parish has a city in it except for the merging of Kingston and St Andrew which share the same city. For each city there is something what one may call a mayor who is responsible for the welfare of that parish. But u don’t have to just take “my” words for it, you can do your own research and educate yourself.

        P.s….this is coming from a gaza ‘VYBZ KARTEL’ fan.!!
        Yep…most of us are educated. It is the law of attraction “likes attract likes.” Don’t blame us,blame science (nature).

      • mi naan talk bout city!!!!!!!!! mi seh town when you say you come from town you no come from browns town
        it mean kingston!!! clarendon have maypen we know bout city mi never mentioned city out of my mouth mi she townnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! know what you are correction!!! 1 town inna ja . many cities! 1 town and 13 country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        so of unu either born behind cow or came from a cow di way unu fool and literal!!!! 13 country mean 13 not-kingstons. that better??

      • Sorry yute but u cant get a country out of an Island. u r all wrong. it is parish, nuh country nuh deh a jamaica, not even a state

      • jamaica is a country!

        sure its a caribbean island. so whats cuba?? better yet.. is austrailia a continent a country or an island?
        the answer is all three. when you have a national flag and you are politically independent you should be recognized as a country!!!

        the reason why mi seh a 13 country inna jamiaca is because of the obvious anywhere outside of kingston dem she you come from weh parish or country???

        gnu can’t talk to mi bout jamiacan history a st.bess mi come from and bright no blood.klart!!! whats the original jamaican language??? web you know bout you country you culture ? where most of us jamaicans come from? st.bess is the most ethnically diverse parish inna ja all sorta people. me been to ever single parish inna jamaca and lived in 9!! if you no come from town you a countryman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CORRECTION: jAMAICA IS AN iSLAND NOT A COUNTRY. justice prevails 2 often ppl do dem wrong & bcus dem have a little status dem go ovaboard & feel seh dem bigga dan di law. this is a lesson fi all di hype artist, and whatever kind of job oonu do….u caah buy salt and get flour…tek u salt kartel and suck it well

      • Pluto Austin-mcqueen


    • i totally agree with your comments. where is/was busta when other black persons in his own need his support.. him not even showed his support for Trayvon Martin.

      • so cuz you missed it that means it didnt happen? Busta has been consistant and active in all cases concerning Black issues in America-do your research before you hate. He is Jamaican btw.You mad to see big man show love? Petty

      • A weh u get yr information from I would really like to knw plz tell mi . Lol UNO gaza fags are something else mi never see busta a do nothing fi the African American yutes weh the babylon kill and get weh! Busta need to go back to America and guh support his side .

      • theres a LOT u never see.its ur biggest defect, ur worse than woman scorned lol

      • A fu—ry u a chat

      • If you listen to twin of twins trial and error when vybz kartel lawyer told the judge about movado brother. I see the similarities and I have to agree, this is just the grumbling of a “MAD BATTY MAN”. GO LOOK FOR ROBIN ,QUEER!

      • Please i’m begging you. Don’t argue or even reply to an imbecile like BURN GAZA. U sound and seem way too intelligent to respond to SHIM (a she-him). Let him go and argue on dunce head bounty killa’s page. I guess killa don’t generate enough interest to attract his own fans. If i don’t like someone, I don’t even give them a sec out of my day. He preaches hate towards kartel and anyone to supports gaza every single day. i think he is secretly in love with Kartel. Get out the closet u FAG!

      • lol ur right. hes def in love w a crazed cokehead groupie scorned.

      • Well I am in America and I have not seen or heard him give support for trayvon or ramarley graham they young boy that the police ran up in his house and killed him and he did not have a weapon. and if I am correct ramarley graham is of Jamaican descent. busta should support the ones that helped him get where he is. I doubt seriously people from Jamaica was supporting him I don’t care if he Jamaican or not. Americans have been supporting him since day one show some support for those struggling at home. Not an accused murderer abroad.

      • well nina, being in usa doesnt exclude u from being ignorant to the facts. Busta has been NGE his whole life, and if that doesnt tell u nuff, then pls do ur research.He is a Black man in america, he is trayvon and ramarley by default.Also, he personally did not know any of the people u mentioned, but he does kno Addi.See the difference?

      • Why didn’t u turn up and make national news for supporting Trayvon or any other black victims in America. I don’t c anything wrong in supporting someone u know personally or made money with….wtf!!
        My question is, why does it hurt ya’ll so much if Busta support his friend that he knows? Ya’ll don’t know Kartel or Busta personally. They know each other but yet still on the other hand u all think u should determine who supports who. So much ignorance it ain’t even funny. smh!!

      • Ignorant or not it is my opinion and you don’t know what I did. I made not of made national news but I have signed petitions and things of that nature. And vbyz kartel was found guilty atleast some people in Jamaica got good sense.

      • They all did show their support. What you fail to analyze os the fact that he knows him personally and the fact they did music together. It is like u showing up to support a friend at court thats all.

    • you are so in love w Kartel it aint even funny anymore lol

    • busta rhyme first name is wat ? trevor! in other words him is jamaican! him know the artist personally! den a fren! jamaica has a flawed justice system!!! breaton 7? all shot at close range no gun powder residue ?
      all the cops are free? america has over 317 million people there is enough people to fight for trayvon! bust a fight fi kartel you choose fi fight other people! so now mi a fight you! so hold da fat box ya!! boooooooom!!
      i don’t know if cartel is innocent or guilty hear say can’t go a court unless of course you live a jamaica! we can’t support foolishness if him guilty prove it beyond a doubt . so yeah him bleach and do a lot of things society dislike! well what about the things den society has done to us!!! can’t finish school if you parents no have no money! no food! no hope! nothing!!!!
      borrowing money from the imf can’t pay it back putting the country in debt to lenders! selling out the country. 80 election who died? politicians or civilians? know yourself!!!!!!!

      • Nonsense!!

      • yeah bredda. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If dem dislike di teacha for his morals…then they need to dislike the cigarette manufacturers, beer brewers and the jamaican government weh a tax everything and not giving the tax payers any fckn returns at the end of the year. Who r we going to put on trial fi dat…who is going to be held accountable. To me everyone want to play or be GOD on earth but none is worthy. Don’t judge….especially in this BULL—- case. PEACEEEEE!

      • Guh su– yr muma you sound dunce nuh fu– like like you never go school pure fu–ery u a chat

      • U sound like u never guh school

    • So have support for a friend is something bad? A now mi juss see seh yuh is just a bad mind yute inuh….kartel fu– yuh gal r something? R she left ur underperforming azz? Yah move like l.a lewis ,build man and stop chu chu chu pon di man name like wayne marshall

  19. Big up yoself Busta Rhymes yo a true G . Jamaican for life