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Vybz Kartel Murder Trial Hit With More Delays

Vybz Kartel’s high profile murder trial could be forced into next week according to information from the judge.

The trial was initially projected to be wrapped up last week in the Home Circuit court in Kingston, but was forced into this week due to lengthy closing statements from attorneys.

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But on Tuesday, Justice Lennox Campbell says two jurors has indicated that they are only available in the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday. This mean there will only be half a day of court sessions on these two days.

Tomorrow afternoon defense attorney Tamika Harris will give her closing statements following which the judge will give the jury its instructions before sending them off to deliberation.

This means a verdict could be reached on Friday. But if not the case will be forced to go into next week.

Vybz Kartel, born name Adidja Palmer, and his co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, who authorities say was killed on August 16, 2011 in Havendale over two missing guns.

Williams’ body was never found.


  1. The judge just can’t believe he gonna have to let them go that’s all why the d delay ! The government tired of what he is doing teaching the youths of Jamaica what they r all about pretty soon they gonna have a new set of youths being elected that’s what there worried about and they r gonna have to step aside

  2. Justice takes its own course and they just cant free op a suspected muderer just because certain people believe that he didn’t commit di murder.

    • and what exaclty do you call ‘justice’ , and what makes you believe they did commit the crime? cases are solved based on evidence and what one can prove, not personal opinions and feelings… and they proved noting other than set up, corruption and weakness in jamaican system, on top of violating the basic human rights of the accused- almost 3 years of fuc**ry and not even bail????

      • Court justice is a system which governs those that commit crimes and those suspected of committing crimes. You and me as individuals we see and believe what we want to see and believe, but the fact of the matter at hand is that judgement for Kartel will come from the court regardless. Corruption is everywhere in the world and Kartel himself is also corrupt to the highest of standards.

      • We are not talking about whole world,we are talking about jamaica and how its handling this case( murder w no body, no bail 3yrs,corrupted evidence,admitted tampering w evidence,star witness lying,false accusations of contraband etc. and all this didnt even start for two years!no bail! …all this proven-not opinion!) Court justice and the actual justice are two different tings-esp in this case.If you know how cases are presented and solved, why throw in all this insults?You are clearly bias.How is Kartel corrupt in this case? Prove it! Judgement will come from jurors-people like you and me;but glad it aint you cuz u clearly dunno how to separate feelings from facts-that makes YOU corrupt in this matter ,to the highest degree smh.

      • I am not biased against Kartel but let the truth be told and judgement prevail. Jah nah sleep, so if Kartel innocent then he will set im free and if im guilty then im will make im pay fi it. There is a very good reason why Kartel is in that particular situation because people cant just accuse you for murdering a person for the fun of it.

      • Oh they cant?! U sure about that?! Wake up ,dear…..lets play devils advocate-even if one HAD a reason to accuse him, they proved NOTHING.Why is man still in jail?

      • Ask yourself why he is still in jail and maybe you will find the answer. Murder or being accused of murder is no play play ting, member dat.

      • correct. and its been proven hes not guilty of it. y he in jail again?

      • The process is not finish until they read the verdict, so how come you saying that he is proven not guilty? Let the people them do their job. Something went down, they hear more than what the media is telling us. So stop acting as if you’re smarter than everyone. To me it seem like corruption on both side (my opinion).

      • I said defense proved that hes not guilty. I did not say verdict said so. Corruption? Yea, juror was allowed to have surgery in the middle of trial,smh. How does this make Kartel corrupt?

      • They’re trying to prove…

      • No, they proved;sad they even had to, considering all the evidence manipulation that was ADMITTED by pros/police.Should have been thrown out ages ago.To be ‘Gulity’ one must be so WITHOUT A DOUBT. Do you get it yet?

      • Don’t you think these guys know the law more than you,

      • I didnt say lawyers and judges do not know the law,I said they are abusing it.They admitted so themselves.Instead of chattin w me, u should read up on a case.

      • We all voicing our opinion on what the media telling us, maybe you were in the court house hearing everything.

      • What Im telling you , media told you as well.Jurors are able to dictacte this case, and judge allows them cuz obviously there is no other excuse they can use before they let em go.Juror falls asleep, juror is late, juror quits, juror missed the bus, juror schedules a surgery…all of these were excuses to drag the trial on for extra weeks, hours before verdict could have been delieverd.you dont find this to be a circus?

      • I served jury duty once so I was basing it on my experience. You has the right to your opinion, have a great day.

      • Those are FACTS of this case, NOT my opinion!!
        We all served jury duty at some point, what that has to do with anything ? Ill have a great day when Kartel walks.,thank u.

  3. Im sick and tired of this judicial nonsense. Free the worl’boss. The man is innocent.

  4. How is jury able to dictate so much of this case,smh,fix up,Jamaica!

    • The jury getting tired of it & ready fi it to b over! like all the rest of we!

      • cant tell, they constantly asking for delays and excuses;every other day ! week off? again?! this is unheard of !

      • :) true, it is! Bt shoot, if I was on da jury & it didnt seem to be ending no where near when they said it was I’ll probably be taking sum tym to deal wit my personal life too. Im sure they want it to dun, bt they hav their lives to deal wit to. A it’s the longest running trial in jamaica history. tho it is unheard of, bt I cnt blame em!

      • because jury keeps asking for pardons and delays, this is a straight circus! at least if the accused were out on bail this would make sense a little, otherwise is just blatant sloppines.one juror was allowed to leave in the middle of trial, other one cut day short cuz he fell asleep now this one wants week worth of leave…I mean cmon,its ridicilous.jury over judge it seems. this doesnt happen anywhere else.:(

      • True, again ur right. It certainly wouldnt happen anywhere else! its crazy. Hopefully they can get things together over there.