Dancehall Artist Mace Almost Lost Eyes After Eye Ball Tattoo

The risks are very real.

Eye ball tattoos trend was just dealt a big blow after aspiring dancehall artists Mace almost went blind from getting the procedure.

Perhaps in an attempt to create the same shock value as Alkaline, Mace put his eyes under the needle but came very close to loosing his eyes.

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Sources close to the dancehall deejay told Urban Islandz that he is doing okay now and is recoverying from the botch procedure.

Mace eye tattoo

“Mace good still inno, we always tell people he was fully aware of the risk and things do happen and can happen, so we are happy it wasn’t worse and he is doing better now,” the source said.

The deejay reportedly suffered blurred vision and had to seek medical attention after getting the procedure done.

The tattoo artist involved in the issue was also arrested.