Alkaline Says Eyeball Tattoo Was Painful, Not Influence By Tommy Lee [VIDEO]

Alkaline created a buzz in dancehall earlier this month by becoming the first Jamaican artist to tattoo his eyeball.

While there were some speculations on whether the tattoo is real or fake, the young deejay confirmed that it is very much real.

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, Alkaline says the tattoo was very painful but temporary.

“Yes I really tattoo my eyeball its just a new look for dancehall,” Alkaline said. “Yeah it hurt but pain is temporary.”

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Alkaline, who is rumored to be seeing a shrink, says he was not influenced by Tommy Lee’s new demonic movement in dancehall.

“I wouldn’t say that because I sing songs about females and issues that affects the nation such as social commentary,” Alkaline added.

The deejay says the eyeball tattoo is just for shock value, but his mother is very disappointed.

Watch video below.