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Vybz Kartel Trial: Jury Deliberation Next Week

A verdict could be reached in Vybz Kartel’s murder trial as early as next week.

Earlier this week the judge told the jury that he expect to wrap up the trial in the coming week. On Monday the prosecution rest its case after 46 days and 24 witnesses taking the stand.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Hand Writing Expert Poke Holes In Prosection Case

The judged also rejected a no-case submission made by defense attorneys earlier this week, thus pushing the trial into another week.

Defense attorneys have started making their case this week with the introduction of of several key witnesses including a handwriting expert, who testified that a document allegedly sent to the public defender by key prosecution witness Lamar Chow was written by said witness. The prosecution says the document is bogus.

Nevertheless, the judge entered the document into evidence after a back and forth between the prosecution and the defense.

The Crown, headed by lead attorney Jeremy Taylor, says Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams beat Clive “Lizard” Williams to death on August 16, 2011 at the deejay’s house in Havendale.

Police says he was killed over two missing guns belonging to Vybz Kartel, his body was never found.

His body was never found.


  1. I have no doubt in my mind that kartel had a part to play in lizzy’s murder/dissapearance but from all the evidence that has been put forward, there is no way they can give a guilty verdict. Free di Worl Boss

    • You guys actings childish, we all hearing second hand news, seeing that we are not in the court house, there is a lot more going on in there,it seems to me some of you guys saying the police just take kartel and put him in jail. Ofcouse corruption is in the police force just like everywhere else, but come on there a lot of evidence against kartel, him and his sister crying and talking about church, acting as If him a saint

      • How can you admit that there has been foul play and corruption by the police in this case and then say there is justifiable evidence to convict a man on. Once again I think people don’t understand irony the case should have been dissmised already. Police man admited the phone was being used that’s a fact not speculation from he rest of the world.

      • I didn’t said “there foul play and corruption by the police in this case”. I said that corruption is in every police force like everywhere else. But there are a lot of evidence against him. Come on read with understanding

      • Would you agree the police didn’t do the due diligence to preserve the integrity of the evidence example Bigga ford losing his note book Shane brown leaving the key to his locker on top of the locker

      • The phone is not the only evidence they has against him, you gus don’t understand useless discussions.

      • Stp talking to dat fool England

      • Shut the fu– with stupid self peace is right

      • Respect Burn gaza you get it, sometime I wonder how old some of these guys texting is

      • In order to convict someone there must be no doubt about the evidence presented and because of the incompetence of the police force this evidence can’t be relied on if convicted there is multiple grounds for an appeal

      • Point being that the evidence is shaky at best due to the mishandling of the cell phones as well as other things… On top of not having a body, any DNA evidence, or anything else. For a guilty verdict, the evidence has to prove the crime beyond reasonable doubt and with the way this case has been progressing, I’d say there is PLENTY of reasonable doubt, in which case a guilty verdict should not be made.

  2. The evidence given can’t/won’t bring a guilty verdict. The main witness wrote a letter saying the police forced him into giving a statement even an expert proven that. Phones being used while in police hands!! No DNA no body nothing no sane jury can convict on this demonstrably weak evidence and if they do then they have obviously been manipulated by the police just like the phone evidence. @burn Gaza you are a toilet of a bloke who has based your verdict theory on hate and anger you have not1 rational bone in your pathetic body and when kartel walk free I hope you kill yourself and save us another trial

    • When was it unlawful or illegal to voice one’s opinion. We all have our own opinions about the case and we all are entitled to that. Nothing we say here is necessarily facts within itself, it is just our own opinion of the way we see things, the name calling on both sides is unnecessary and is very juvenile. I can only wonder because of the aggressiveness of theses name calling, if these said ppl was in a position to stifle freedom of speech/opinions they surely would have sounded the gavel loudly and powerfully. And yes for the record, I think he is guilty and that is my opinion and for those of you who don’t think he is guilty, that’s ok too, that just our opinions. I agreed by the evidence presented that there might be flow play. Witness lie all the times on both sides but it doesn’t mean that the accused did not do it and that a fact, not an opinion.

      • See what lead u to believe the accuse did the crime? The case is before the judge and the juries and if they cannot prove dem guilty.what make u think dey guilty?

      • I agree with you 100% on the opinion issue but, I do believe that opinions should be based on facts. I’ve been following this case from day one (not that I have nothing better to do) and while the prosecution came up with some strong so-called evidence, there is also a stronger doubt casted by the defence. If you agree that there might be fowl play, how can you then say that he’s guilty for a fact without you being present at the crime seen? I respect your opinion(not that any of our opinions will determine the outcome) but, I strongly believe that whole case is a sham and Clive Williams is alive and healthier than you and me both.

      • A fu—ry u a chat dunce head tell me were Clive is since u knw say him alive and well u following the case becuz u dnt have anything to do mi nah fallow any days of our life case I could care less if kartel walk free or nt . And tis is a fact kartel is guilty if all a dem man deh walk free that get buy out becuz there is a lot of criminal dwn deh

      • In any other country the voice note and text msgs would not have been allowed to be presented as evidence due to the fact that the police admitted the phone was used while in custody of the policethat in itself is reasonably grounds for a mistrial

      • The jury soon reach Its verdict then we’ll see who had the right opinion…

      • the jury could be wrong either way it goes so no one’s opinion will be validated based off the jury’s decision. A true di jury decision a opinion still.

    • Walk free me Rass jail him a stay soon get wat him deserve work fi the devil then u get a raw deal wat evidence them did have fi put black people in slavery for over 500 hurdread years ? If bobylon want u in jail u can go jail evidence or nt there is enough evidence for a guilty verdic

      • How’s your argument gone from evidence against kartel to the justification of wrongly convicting a possibly innocent man because of the dreadful slavery suffered by black people. I don’t think you see the irony of your reply my friend. So I ask you. You think it’s ok and just for a man to go prison because of the terrible and corrupt laws/law system that effected said slaves. As for the devil talk. Get real it’s the 21st century most of the moderne world accept Jesus/devil was put in place by Bronze Age tribal men in order to scare and control the weak mind majority for financial gain. Stop being so angry and just love and prosper my youth

      • No a you a mix up the thing with yr evidence bs kartel his nt innocent talking abt the evidence his nt strong enough to convict a person fu—ry u a chat again dum fu– anybody can go jail if Babylon want u their it’s a cold world leave yr Jesus conversation to yr self

      • I didn’t want to disrespect you, I think you back out of this discussion because you’re not sensible. Do your self a favor

      • England’s post was more sensible than anything else any of you have posted on this thread.

      • Burn gaza leave kartel complexion tatoo graffiti out of the case he not in court for that.

      • Daddy devil is guilty

      • lol how stupid are you, well if you saying i hope the police comes for you and lock you up because they feel like doing it. lol.

      • Exactly! Burn gaza nah av nuh sense.

    • England reading your comment , show that you read but without understanding, don’t come in the conversation because you have a computer…etc.