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Vybz Kartel Trial: Hand Writing Expert Poke Holes In Prosection Case

Vybz Kartel and his co-accused were brought to tears yesterday giving unsworn testimony in the Home Circuit court.

The five accused men proclaim their innocence telling the judge they had nothing to do with Clive “Lizard” Williams’ alleged murder.

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Today Kartel’s lead defense attorney Tom Tavares-Finson called handwriting expert and retired cop Karl Major to the witness stand.

Major told the court that he was presented with two sets of documents in November last year by Tom Tavares-Finson to make a comparison. He said one of the documents was a letter to the public defender signed by L. Chow.

The retired Superintendent of police said from his analysis the documents were all written by the same person.

Vybz Kartel murder trial

The defense had long maintained that the prosecution main witness Lamar Chow wrote a letter to Public Defender Earle Witter saying that he was forced by police officers to testify in the trial.

The informant witness denied that he wrote the letter.

Justice Lennox Campbell admitted the document into evidence in court today.

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Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for allegedly beating Clive “Lizard” Williams to death on August 16, 2011.

Authorities say Williams was killed over two missing guns that the accused men called shoes.

His body was never found.


  1. I don’t know much about the proceedings but with all the cellphone evidence why is the case being continued …?

  2. Bornjamacian can you answer me this? Would you prefer 5 men spend up 25 years for a murder in prison if they innocent on the evidence provided. You say you are a smart person. The phone that the judge rule to present in court was tampered with ( im sorry to tell u thats a appeal point). The prosecution case is not solid. If Larry chow was responsible for missing gun and these 5 guys so bad why is he still alive. If you go court and give evidence thats not the time to lie he evidence in court was inconsistent to statement. If you want to ignore that because of hatred of the DJ fine but Vybes kartel is no different from a lot of dj in jamaica. He only singled out cos he was straight forward. If you are a born jamaican as you suggested you should know the justice system is not good there its corrupt. You cannot judge a man by there music in a murder trial, judge them by the evidence provided. Let me make it clear yes I am a fan of him and all other dj in jamaica. I work in the courts for over 5 years in UK and I can tell u this strongly what they produce in court would not go In here. Stop take this personal and look at the facts.

  3. Some people are just dunce to the fact that criminals are fu—ng up jamaica and many people stand by and do or say nothing and when the criminals are caught we then talk bout how people badmind them as getto youths and then they are being compared to mandela and people who fight to make society a better place to live. Kartel have done more harm than good to the jamaican society therefore there is no comparison to people like mandela. Martin Luther King, Nelson mandela, Malcolm X, marcus Garvey teach us to be proud of who we are as black people, and not to bleach out our skin and disgrace our blackness.

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to see you work so hard and people that have nothing want to bring u down in the from of imprisonment Mandela cried for days in his bio about being place in prison for a crime he never committed cry and relieve your frustration Vybez Kartel those tears not gonna go in vain .

  5. All of the bad mind people that want to see Addi go to jail is why Jamaica is being robbed by Babylon if any criminals r in Jamaica the government and it’s police force are the biggest ones ! Who corrupted like all of you stop pointing fingers .

  6. Does not mean that the witness did not give a truthful testimony in court, nuff time people are scared of their lives or don’t want to be labeled as informers so they don’t get involved and sometimes the police will try forcefully get them to testify to what they saw happen as not to allow the crime to go unpunished. Eye witness is the strongest evidence in the court of law

  7. If get the chance to go free, I just hope he change the kind of music he do and be more positive.

      • Why do you hope he changes the type of music he does and becomes positive?

      • Because as we all see, he has big influence on a lot people, that before they even hear his case they he is not guilty. He to use that talent toward something positive.

      • Its not his fault he has a huge influence she should continue doing what gets him paid he shouldn’t have to change

      • Not everything that glitters is gold. Kartel is creative but his creativity leading the a stray. It’s best if you lose one than lose all. So no pity lock him up

      • His creativity is doing what?

      • Leading the people a stray

      • He shouldn’t be leading people anywhere he’s another human not a god its not his fault a bunch of weak minded people follow him

      • Weak or strong they still follow him.

      • I don’t think he has prove his self innocent, what he is asking for is pity. Maybe there more evidence against him, but no one want come forward. People don’t care till they’re in the situation. Too much selfish people talking about informers

      • Lol your a funny character PEACE …..I have read every comment you wrote….and I can now break you down as a fake Dutty minded person. …Your name says peace yet you preach hate which means your name is a contradiction of how fake you really are “its best to lose one than lose all” Ok judge all mighty creator….what have you ever lost in your lifetime you still can even loose your virginity….and I have already lost enough time dealing with you so PEACE

      • You speaking illiterate…. and leave it there

      • First of all I am typing illiterate…..and glad to know you see my point by not responding back with a statement defense rest it’s case……peace rude bwoy

      • I just think you’re not sensible enough to be in this discussion, you seems like a child under 10 yrs old.

    • Kartel make positive uplifting musik more than any other “dancehall” artist (emergency, society, life sweet) to name a few

    • He been done that. That’s why he where he at. He was still speaking truth before. Take for instance, jr gong do welcome to jam rock every thug taking it like he glorifying that life truth be told he just saying how it is. Kartel always tell the truth. The minute he start writing that book I knew he would be targeted and I am not Jamaican. Kartel lured you in and then he start to teach then they get him. Some times you have to bring people in through the way they readily accept. Check his music. Before he get can he was speaking positive vibes.

  8. Remember them try to kill mavado for the same way because of his lyrics

  9. I understand that u can’t read u r jus another illiterate fool u listen but uj just don’t read an get or own understanding in the case

  10. I can’t wait to see how much a dem corrupted police officers gonna get charged for perverting the course of justice, witness intimidation and all the other alms house weh dem keep up during this trial…if dem find di man dem guilty mi a cancel my flight weh mi ave booked fi come a yaad easter…real talk

    • Free d gaza yutes dem.after d trial and kartel gone free he go be de biggest ting in jamaica,cumin back for his spot.

      • One. Love your spirit. A lot of people forget that Kartel is smart well educated. He is a great D.J and lyricist. Moreover he is a man and he deserve to be treated fairly.

    • But who cares about your change, man grow up you
      talking like a 5 years old child. This thing don’t wrap around you. Jus go pray

      • All you a dunce too enuh…yuh remind mi of “burn gaza”…

      • Truth hurts, right? Lol

      • Jamaica care less about the little money going spend. If you where talking about opening a company then…. and you call me dunce

      • Guh chuck off batty Man kartel guilty Nex week him ago get 20 years

      • How you know he a batty man he you in the a..? You sound stupid. Deal with your inna demon. You would have to be a batty man to be able to readily identify one. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. What does any of this have to do with batty anything. Y’all letting snoop distort bob marley legacy but quick to jump of kartel. Get the fu– out here with that bull.

  11. Bless!

  12. jamaican police dem dunce nuh fu–, anyhow a did one a dem foreign lawyer weh u see pon tv kartel wud a guilty

  13. I wonder what all the anti-Gaza ppl have to say now. I understand u might have a problem with Vybz Kartel’s music and persona but intelligent ppl would know how to seperate Vybz Kartel from Adidja Palmer. From the inception of this case there has not been one shred of circumstancial evidence to tie any of the accused to the crime and with this new revelation in the case i only hope that everybody time stop getting wasted and free all of the accused. Gaza4Lyfe. Free Di Teacha. Free Siva

    • Free Di Teacha…you wonder why Jamaica has its reputation. Its not about anti-gaza and gaza for life. Its about murder. And the courts will find the truth. Do you really like geographical and political wars and murders in Jam. Because when some gangster lick off shots at a Jam most people arent jumping up and down promoting it…yall running and falling over each other to get the fu– outta there. Think about it..fu– my neighborhood, if a family member comitted murder (that wasnt justifiable) lets say an uncle killed his wife i would not be saying free mi uncle, especially not just because hes from my neighborhood

      • Jamaica has had corrupt police and politicians for decades. Murders with badge and gun. Nothing never happen to dem no they promoting passa passa and thing. Jamaicans for one need to stop being ignorant and stupid to politriks. You can’t want to claim the birthplace of RasTafari as a movement and still act like you don’t know the system designed to oppress. I am very disappointed with the ignorance of Jamaicans and they need to stop their bulls—.

    • Raspect. It’s all circumstantial bulls—. He is being victimized because of his book that many Jamaicans haven’t read. It’s sad that in a wealth of knowledge many minds are so poor. I like your post if that means anything.

  14. Bad man don’t cry they all looking for sympathy hopefully Kartel learn his lesson having leaches and deadbeats around him .

  15. Stop badmind Kartel and let see what di court says …have a feeling he might change his life for the positive like Snoop after the case

    • Snoop changed? He became positive? When?

      • That’s what I would like to know. He smoke some weed in Jamaica and before he pay tribute he want to take away from a legacy. He should shot for that. Figure of speech. I don’t know why the marley family have not spoken against that. It’s bulls—. He is not bob marley. He couldn’t roll a spliff for Robert nesta marley. He is a pagan. A dogg at best.

    • If you talking about snoop dogg he is a clown and anyone supporting his mockery is idiots and blasphemous. There is more to bob than smoking weed for those that don’t know. Furthermore what makes kartel bad mind? His lyrics. You are more bad mind than him. He is an entertainer and lyricist. What are you to cast judgment on him. What made Jah cure deserve to be jailed unrightfully. Before you put down people know what you speaking about before you create more idiots.

  16. Might as well free de man