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Vybz Kartel Sister Testify, Artiste Shed Tears In Court

Vybz Kartel brought to tears in court.

Perhaps it was the moving character testimony from his sister Maureen Nelson, or the thought of spending the rest of his life behind bars, but Vybz Kartel was seen wiping tears from his eyes in court.

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His co-accused Andre St. John and Shane Williams also broke down in court while giving unsworn testimony proclaiming their innocence.

All five accused men, Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams will have a murder case to answer to according to the judge ruling on a no case submission made by defense attorneys earlier this week.

Vybz Kartel’s sister, Maureen Nelson, who is the vice principal of the Cumberland High School, was the first witness to take the stand for the defense. She gave character testimony telling the court that the deejay grow up in a close-knit family and was the third of six siblings.

Vybz Kartel murder trial

Nelson told the court that they went to church every Sunday and they were nicknamed “grill up” because they usually stayed inside. She added that the deejay is very kind and bought his mother a house and father a car when he made it big as a dancehall artiste.

Nelson also told the court that as a Christian and an educator she did not approved of his tattoos and skin bleaching but accepted it because it is apart of his craft.

Lead prosecution attorney Jeremy Taylor grilled Maureen Nelson under cross-examination asking her about Kartel’s music and his friends.

The trial continues today in the Home Circuit court.

According to authorities, the accused men beat Clive “Lizard” Williams to death on August 16, 2011 at a house in Havendale over two missing illegal guns.

His body has yet to be found.

The trial is expected to be wrapped up next week. If convicted Vybz Kartel and his c-accused could be sentenced to life imprisonment.


  1. Who is she describing? Sounds like Dudus to be exact, except for the tattoo and bleach. She probably haven’t seen him in ages. Every murderer have a mother, father sister or brother and they might be good people, even Christians, but that don’t mean that a murderer can’t come from a good family.

  2. Damm only god can save this man….but I forget he dont even believe in god!! So who else gonna help him?

    • The man never did say he na beleive in God him say him not affiliated with any religion “religion is not for vybz kartel”. Before you judge ppl mek sure your hands clean! Member Bob did say that. You ppl think being a part of religion and serving God a the same thing u couldnt be more ignorant and far from truth. Religion is man made confusion God not author of confusion! You think saying u believe in God gets u anywhere? Better obey do what God say after all “Even the demons beleive and tremble” them see God aready you never see God yet them beleive and still naa obey. Nuh business bout ppl u know where u stand!

  3. There is no evidence to tie any of them to the alleged murder. All of the evidence the prosecution have brought to the table has been either proven inconsistent, tampered with, or downright false. Now i am a Gaza fan but if he did it lock him up cause right is right and wrong is wrong. And from the start of this case i have not been convinced that any of them are guilty. This case has only proven what so many have been sayings about the system riding the little man back. If Addi was a regular Joe Schmo he would be locked up and never heard from again but lots of ppl have studied this case from all over the world and all it has proven is that the Jamaican Justice System is corrupt. They thought the would shut him up and erase him from our minds. Instead it has only made us look at this case for what it is which is a farce. And all Gaza ppl are in earnest expectation of them being set free

  4. All of yall that want to see Kartel go down no wonder why the government of Jamaica treat you like this its obvious this is a big sham . Kartel will and must be set free the jury are no fools they see what is happening here for too long the police been doing this putting poor people kids behind bar for stuff they r not sure about that quote show u your company I’ll tell u who u r and the creative work he has done to show the system in Ja up is on trial not Vybez Kartel , not enough sufficient evidence that’s my say and I know the jury gonna see it too the whole system is a fraud to keep down the voice of the ghetto down they been doing this for years and yall need to support the fight against these cruelty in the island Babylon don’t build great man they kill great man Mr. Tifton how dear you .

  5. mama
    him alla sweat innah im pants
    when the judge say give him a life sentence !

  6. possibly the best lyrcist since Jah youth
    and brave to defy and horrify us and beach his
    skin .
    my view , if he go down it will be a massive
    loss to music because this guy has evolved into
    sublime talent.
    flip side is that if its in your lyrics dont be it
    just describe it .
    If kartel has meted out ghetto justice
    then he deserves the justice he gets

  7. Guilty verdic same way he have something to do with the killing a lot evidence so daddy devil need stp him bawling . Him and him sis need save their emotion . Court is nt for bawling. If dem man deh walk free that case get buy out

  8. One song come to mind. “Bout them haunted, kill man an’ get wanted. An mi nuh response fi yuh an nuh lawya bizness. Mamaa! Hear murdera a cry, Ah pure teardrops and wata come outa him eye. Mamaa! Hear murdera a bawl,
    Deh a courthouse an hear. him name call. Mamaa! Come check mi regula, Bring mi tootpase, mi soap. an nuh lef mi dinna…Mamaaa! Come tek mi out ya,Cause bad bwoy have mi dung yah a spin propella”. Big up Baby Wayne.

  9. Unless it has something to do directly with my sister. I would not want to used my sister or close family members as character witness. I wonder whose brilliant idea was this. I mean, upon the ears of those who hear the words coming from my sister’s mouth, I mean really, what else, would my sister really come and speak ill of me knowing that “me and the devil are strange bedfellows”. I would, and am sure the world would expect nothing but praise coming out of her mouth. I would expect her to have me to walking on water, turn water into wine and raised the dead. I would have gotten a charter witness as a pastor, a person who is known to be a man of God, government official or my other associates. I know him have nuff associates, some in the music industry. Those are the one I would be more keen to hear from.

    • Exactly….what else would she say. Moreover, she might genuinely believe that he could not commit a murder. A lot of mothers don’t even know that their sons leave home everyday and break into people’s house, mug people on the streets and commit rape and murder. Even when they see them bring home the people’s TV and stereo system and knowing that they don’t have a job, they pretend about it.
      Right now the police is investigating Kartel for another murder done while he was in prison. They are looking into whether he ordered the death of a record producer who was his manager. Police found cell phones, external drives and equipment on him and his co-defendants which they feel he could have used to communicate to his associates to commit this murder.

  10. Its not an easy thought of being in prison for life.

  11. Go down man you too f–k up it could be my brother