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Vybz Kartel Speaks: “My Hands Are Clean Of Lizard’s Blood”

Vybz Kartel speaks for the first time in court since the start of his murder trial in November of last year.

Justice Lennox Campbell rejected a no case submission from defense attorneys this morning in the Home Circuit court and instructed lawyers to defend their clients in the coming days.

DETAILS: Judge Handed Down Ruling, Vybz Kartel To Answer Murder Case

Vybz Kartel, who is on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, told the court that he is innocent of the crime he is accused of committed.

This is what Vybz Kartel told the court:

I am a normal person like anyone else. I am innocent of all these charges brought against me as a matter of fact I have never been to 7 Swallowfield Avenue and seen Lizard there – the man called Clive Williams.

In fact my Lord, the only time I encountered that person called Clive Williams, is when he travelled with Shawn [co-accused Shawn Storm] to stage shows but we never encounter my Lord.

My Lord, the incident that occurred on September 30, 2011 (the date of his arrest) I was at a hotel in New Kingston when the police took me and a female companion.

My Lord they handcuffed us and took us downstairs in the lobby. Other police officers and members of the media were already there.

My Lord after that [I] was taken to Central Kingston Police Station.

After that the police escorted me to my house in St. Andrew, two houses as a matter of fact – one house at Swallow Avenue and then to my mother’s house in Portmore, St. Catherine – where the house was searched.

I was then moved to Spanish Town Road.

Even most recently, the Minister of National Security Minister, the Honourable Peter Bunting took my music and my image to the State, my Lord claiming that Vybz Kartel’s lyrics, My Lord, is generating scamming.

Even in Jamaica at one point, the Minister said there were four essential factors mashing up Jamaica and I was one of them.

My Lord, if that is not prejudicial against my case, I don’t know what is.

My Lord, I bleach my skin, I am heavily tattooed also but that is merely superficial. That is a part of the persona of Vybz Kartel not Adidja Palmer.

I am a normal person like anyone else; I even have a family who are here today… grandmother, cousin, mother-in law. My Lord my hands are clean of Clive Williams’ blood if indeed Clive Williams is deceased, My Lord.

I have never sent anyone to kill Clive Williams, My Lord, nor did I do so myself. I am an innocent man, My Lord, that is all I have to say.

Defense attorneys are already calling witnesses to the stand to give character testimony. Over the coming days expert witnesses will also take the stand.

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  1. I do believe vybz kartel when he say his hands is clean he did not kill this man clive williams and if this man is encarcerated innocently he should fight for his freedom.

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  3. F———–ck dis mother —-er….why do fu– gaza empire…..if ure mother could fu– she could fu– u up….bcz shez sick dyn bit– she……bomboclaattt

  4. His guilty, it’s so obvious. Like the video evidence and the voice note.. So why’s he lying like that? Smh.

  5. I will never let the antics Kartel does to influence my clarity on his talent. He is a true musical icon a reknown lyricist. That is a fact, he is hard to be measured and a force to be reckon with. He is versitile dynamic and super intellectual. The thingshe use to make songs never occured to another human being. Critique him all you want however; keep it real when it comes to his music and give him the ratings he so honestly earned! KARTEL mi rate u. until he has done something immoral im there

  6. What many don’t understand ya fight Fa system set ta make ya fail. The economy was set up for you lose why not scam? They been scamming all of us everywhere for 100’s of years. Murder? Tell ya da truth everything so blurry who know da truth. When you are that big they will scam you. If his music actually does elevate scam dem definitely will salt di case badly. They steal the money. You work for it they steal it and you can’t do nothing bout it cause on paper it says it’s okay for them to take your money my money our money which boils down to our lives they control our lives and want you to knock down your brotha or sista for the scraps they leave us. I not understand how deep it is til few weeks ago. Ya pray he make it out if he doesn’t you lose more than ya gain. Don’t lose everything for a piece of emotional enjoyment

  7. The case have to much lies inna it so just mek di man go free and let Jah deal with it cause the evidence been tampered how can you really find a man guilty.

  8. Do you think the outcome would be better wit him lock up or free? Where I’m from prison run da street

  9. Go a which foreign? Look like you don’t know say America lock out kartel outa here long time. Everywhere kartel go he leave a path of destruction, America don’t want kartel here him a di devil disciple.

    • Kartel will fit in America just fine caz that’s d type of stuff they endorse up deh,the tattoos,gangsterism,freaks,flossin the whole works… bout rude bwai

      • Werlboss_Q you talking crap

      • How old r u…..

      • America don’t want him, that reason why he don’t have a visa. Kartel is a public figure .whatever he say or do will influence the people that surrounds him he need to do better. He is an adol and if he is leading the people in the path, lock him up yes.

      • And don’t mix the great men and women of this world with kartel. Kartel fight for his self. When people in trouble tgey try to use anything to pity themself.

      • ME NAH ARGUE BUT HEAR WEH ME A SAY….every body kno he can’t go foreign caz of d gun charge he caught years ago but in this current age if he bin get a break n dem lowe him…….Wah do yuh,America shell down a just becah d Jamaica system a fight d man why d world na c him full potential as an artist..caz personally me nuh c nothing wrong wid d scamming chune is sumting WEH a happen all over d world he just talk about it in a sound caz that’s his job as an artist to talk about d issue n current affairs now every body waan crucify d man ana say him a glorify scamming but yuh c black ppl its one of d hardest nation fi please

  10. carelessboutpeople

    Let me say big up to black history month. Because black people throughout the years as been murder innocently because of the stereotype minded people we have in the world. Vybz kartel alot of people is prejudice against him. Stereotype and discriminate against him because of his beliefs. But let look back at all the hero who had died. They were all killed for there beliefs, and people back then never had nothing good to say towards them. Vybz kartel it is not my job to judge you, but having the training here in the U.S as a cop. They got no evidence to hold him on. Us black people always looking to pass judgement on another, we are the only race in society with no up lift ment. Chinese united, mexican united, white united. All these cultures making a big step and raising the bar. Black culture we were slaves, we cant become nothing, me no have no education, look how black me is, me ago bleach to get pretty lol… Stereotype minded culture. My point is vybz kartel your innocent and i pray for your release. God do not like ugly and if the victim is truly decease. It has been along time coming, i had known a few lives the victim took. Innocent people because they love movado music. I pray for jamaica, because the people there need to read more…

    • You is great to read comments like yours because it shows exactly how the society and we are easily prosecuted by the color of our skin and I do believe these are innocent as well.

  11. I nuh kno how unuh see it still but, to me, di BOSS jus drop shaun storm inna di frying pot…di boss seh him and lizard is of no acquaintance…lizard a shawn storm linky, suh if anything, a lizard and shawn storm did deh a swallowfeild avenue…a suh I man read dah statement deh “my lawd”…

    • I don’t think so…..”he telling d courts he never c d man a him yard only time him ever saw him was in shows wid shawn”….I don’t think that’s tryin to sell out his fren,seems to me him a try say d man never come a swallowfield,he tryna remove lizard from d crime scene which if u ask me is very effin smart….if indeed lizard was ever actually there.caz member madsuss say d day when d dog rush lamar n kartel get bite…they were all at swallowfield but he never saw lizard that day…..n if he cud get d courts to believe that on that date lizard wasn’t there then guess what that mean? NO CRIME NEVER TOOK PLACE AT SWALLOWFIELD ON THAT DATE N DEM A TRY FRAME HIM

      • Bossie…it nuh really matter how di statement come across enuh, becah di case done wrap up already. The JCF shot themselves in the leg wen dem started to fabricate evidence. I was merely stateing the fact seh him distance himself from the ting totally…him mek it clear seh a shawn linky…

      • True… hear WEH yuh a say still…..

  12. We cant let the police do what they are doing on the street,shooting and putting innocent people in prisons……..Really,(i)they is no body or weapon used,(ii)clive lizard was a gun man and was wanted by the police,so if he is still alive,he is not gonna turn himself in,(iii)the prosecution main witness had his pending cases as he was a gunman as well so obviously the police and him may have team up to fabricate something to secure a conviction(iv)the prosecution has failed to join the defendants in the murder so it should have been dropped, reference(where it is possible to say that one defendant definitely committed a
    crime, but it is not possible to say which defendant and there is no
    evidence of joint enterprise, both must be acquitted).IF WE DONT LIKE VYBZ KARTEL OR MAVADO OR BOUNTY KILLER, GAZA OR GULLY, please dont hate a person to the level you wanna se them in prison for something they did not do,think about their kids,family………………it could be you……..

    • Tru dat…..

    • You didn’t just post this you preached and any right thinking person will agree with you 100%. I have been saying this along time, i just hope the jury see that these guys innocent because they have up to now not proven guilty.

    • Real talk fam…

    • Are you kidding me? People get sent to prison for murder all the time in the USA without them finding any murder weapon or a body and if you are apart of a gang or a group of people who attack someone and they are killed as a result then you will be charged for murder too regardless if you delivered the fatal blow or not.

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      • Burn Gaza you a punk
        Go sit your bi– ass down
        You come on here calling people names
        This is where people express their opinions .

  14. Shut the hell up u live in the project with yr dum self kartel is guilty him buy up the guns by Nex week UNO gaza fans going to get the sad news wen UNO hear the guilty verdic mi nuh sorry fi daddy devil u.s or any wear in the word is nt good fr any types of devil .

  15. “four essential factors mashing up Jamaica and I was one of them”…..mi did ah say that about kartel a.k.a daddy devils lyrics from long time. Yes…dancehall has been slack and for decades but kartel brought dancehall, dancehall culture, and jamaican society moral to a new low. Artists jumped on the bandwagon…..and with that went good dancehall down to hell. Im young. ..but i only listen to 90’s to about 2009 dancehall. …since then dancehall is f@&kery!

    • So if you smart enough to realize that then why blame him and not the rest of society and artists for “jumping on the bandwagon” Lowe the man.

      • 90s dancehall much better dancehall dead from kartel start bleach out self like a big pu$$y gyal and freaky tis and freaky that devil work ect him promote too much crab suh hope him get some jail time

    • if you had any sense you wouldnt say dancehall mash up jamaica, as jamaica is fu—d up by the government who shipped in the guns in the 80s elections and by the american government who supplied all cause they didnt want jamaica to be a country like Cuba. suh dont blame ppl like kartel and other artist as its their way of survival and feeding their family as the whole of jamaica is already messed up by government, so its not easy for ghetto youths to get a job.

  16. Lock up him bloodclatt a lie him a tell him have somthing to do with the killing if all a dem man deh walk free , the case get buy out the judge get some money .

  17. Bumboraasclaat!!!! See deh!!!!! As soon as Kartel free go live a foreign like Mavado caah di System always ah pree ghetto youth weh search fi sumn little money fi tek care ah dem family! Gaza Me Seh 4 life! Free World Boss Free Sivva Free Mad Suss!!!!

    • Real talk dada

    • Yu mussi think seh America a like Jamaica.. Dem will swallow up Kartel n spit him back out deh or betta yet lock up him rass. Bout gaah foreign like Mavado. Bare foolishness yuh just post youth

  18. My lord im full of crap also. He is guilty

  19. As much as I think Kartel murder that guy I have a feeling he is going to walk free just because of how slappy and corrupt the police are.