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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Defense Chides Detective For Misleading Court

Vybz Kartel lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson went on the attack yesterday in court during his cross-examination of Detective Corporal Shawn Brown.

Brown, who is a member of the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID), made a powerpoint presentation in court this week of several text messages allegedly sent by Clive Williams, his girlfriend Onika Jackson, Shawn Storm, and Vybz Kartel.

DETAILS: VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Shawn Storm Texts Says Clive Williams Ran Away

One of the alleged text messages sent by Shawn “Storm” Campbell on August 16, 2011 at 1:43 p.m. reads ““How much fi deal with every ting fi Lizzy.”

Shawn Brown interpret that as Shawn Storm taking about “Lizard.” However, Lizzy is Shawn Storm’s daughter according to the defense attorney.

Shawn Storm

The text was sent to an unknown number belonging to Shawn Storm’s girlfriend and they were discussing matters pertaining to their daughter Lizzy.

There were also several other text messages between Shawn Storm and his girlfriend, who is the mother of his daughter.

The defense attorney told the court that Corporal Shawn Brown deliberately mislead the court.

Tavares-Finson asked Brown if he want to apologize to the court for his actions, but the detective says no because it was not deliberate.

Brown told the court that his analysis of the text messages did not go that far.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, as well as, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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    • I don’t have any more time for you because it appears you are below my level. As I stated earlier, you are evidently uneducated. Next time you try to comment, go and learn how to punctuate. Burn Gaza is the name that you have and shows you are just out to destroy these men for what, because you don’t like his music, because you live in another parish that’s against Portmore empire. Pure foolishness!!!!

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  3. what kind of judge really set down on listen to these nonsense story from detective on prosecutors .e is a bigger idiot

  4. Addi a Mi daddy musically but I personally believe him murder lizard but them do it in such a way that d Babylon dem can’t even link dem to it……the perfect crime

    • Vybz kartel can murder his own black brother that makes us whites happy they going to lock his black a$$ up for life ps :make sure you do drop your cake soap in the shower you shirt lifter

  5. badmons run the jamaican courtsystem .them pay off the police , so they can get out .

    • And again, as I stated, someone knows. The Baddest man me know in a my life times was Dudus, and dusdus tun kanery. The law can reach out and snatch you up no matter who you are or where you from, but the country need law abiding citizen to report the ones who is cuz JA 2 go down. Nuff nah go say nothing until in the words of Mr. X, “the chicken come home to roost”. A few years ago JA was #7 in the world for tourist spot, it not even in the top 20 and it steady declining. ,

  6. This case is a sham. so you telling me that your a detective and you did not investigate who the text were sent to and what they were talking about. Even if Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm are guilty just the ineffectiveness of these unprofessional idiot Jamaican police will make the jury return a not guilty verdict. No wonder so much criminals are on the streets in Jamaica.

    • Yardie, yuh have a quart still. But jury are people too and it’s not a farfetched idea to think that lizzy could have been Lizard, cuz infact that is a conceivable nickname for Lizard. If you have a pet lizard and you a look for him under the couch or bed, (lol) you a go say hey lizzy lizzy, where are you? Look at the circumstance, the text saying they are going to kill the man and the man name is lizard, and then a next text to someone say how much fi deal with lizzy. Lets say the popo dem a text and the text say dem a go kill lizzy and dem say cho a nuh him, di man name lizard, and den dem kill di man, unuh same one wud a say di popo dem fool fool.Yardie, it is not farfetched to think that yes, even those his daughter name Lizzy that he was still indeed talking about Lizzard. And the question that was ask, how much to deal with lizzy or something like that, could actually be a code talk, as how much to kill him or to get him kill. The popo did the right thing by not apologizing to the court, because it could actually not have been intentional. Yaride, mi nuh knw di fullness, cuz mi never did dideh, but I&I a do some search online, and a nuff times dead bodies surround him, him name a call too much in a dem ting man, why a caayn sumbody else. And look wah start it, over 2 missing illegal gun, I would not be surprised if ballistic testing link those same two guns to unsolved murder especially in a Montigaby region. Nuff artist weh used to link wid him take way demself cuz tings nah gwan right in a him cam. But as I said yuh have a quart still.

    • Criminals are on the street, because we the ppl allow them there. Why, tell me why Jamaican court can’t try ppl because there are no jury present? Why so many case get thrown out because the witness don’t show up to testify? Tell me why no one wants to report injustice so the victims and their family can get justice? I see it like this fi Lizard who is supposedly a thug reduce to a B**ch begging for his life texting, that tells me is fully aware of what the four men can do or are capable of doing. which means, why him never beg fi some one life too. My point is, him know and someone else knows too, but no one wants to do the right thing for whatever reason and that is why we have so much crime in Jamaica. “No ones wants to Man-Up!!!”

      • meaningless… you know the answers too all that u said. rem its jamaica, criminals in uniforms pretending to be upholding the law

      • That is my point exactly, someone knows, it doesn’t matter at what level the crime is, someone knows. Weather its in the jamaica house or in the slums. So why aren’t someone doing something about it? Again crims strive bcuz ordinary ppl just sit and their hands and till its affecting them personally, den u hear dem a bawl bout no justice. Everyone is stuck on the police, if you remove the police from the equation, the answer will still be the same.

      • Meaningless how?

      • You also have been misled. The justice system of JA is corrupt and appears can be easily bought. In order to fix the streets of Jamaica you must first fix the system.

    • I am from US and have been following this case strongly. Although Kartel is not one of my favorite artist, I do enjoy some of his music. This case has been ridiculous from day one and it’s make the Jamaica’s justice system look very bad. It actually took the prosecutors two years to come up with these so called texts messages and for them to falsely accuse Storm of texting about “Lizard” when he was actually talking about his daughter is completely injustice. This is a high profiled case and people from all over the world are keeping up with it. This case should have been thrown out within the first year with no physical evidence of this supposedly murder. You is completely injustice to hold any man in prison with no physical evidence. Honestly, I I think it’s a conspiracy against Kartel and his crew and many people have probably been paid off to testify against him. They need to bring the FBI from US to investigate and I bet this case would be handled in no time.

      • Who give a rats a.. about where you are from – I must give the JCF credit for the evidence that they have presented they have much to be proud about – Shaw Storm gives an explanation about One text message through the lawyer Finson he should explain them all especially the one about people dying. was that about is daughter too – These fu—ng brainless fools

      • I see that you are dumb too. It’s justice being served the CORRECT way. It shouldn’t take prosecutors two years to come up with some fu—- misleading evidence. No man have a right to be jailed and even for for that long without physical, truthful evidence. Why did it take so long to come up with these so called texts messages? Where are the so called video evidence? Everything that they claim to have against these individuals are completely useless.

      • If it were one of ur family member it would not have been a ridiculous case or a conspiracy. It is not my job to determine if kartel and his goons are guilty or not but I do think they are a danger to the jamaican society. I think kartel feel he is smarter than everyone else and can manipulate the less educated people around him. I have heard of people been beaten on more than one occasion therefore it is possible for one of the beatings to end in murder.

      • U are talking rubbish abt America dis and America that . It’s the system ,only Jamaicans alone a watch the case nt people all over the world . If it was America u would have hear a guilty or a nt guilty long time that’s for sure and America system is nt for the black man ,trevon Martin , Rodney King ect if u want to trow somthing outside go trow out yr pu$$y round a back road

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      • IM following from uk, this is a case where the artist fanbase, plus many other interested will follow warever they for that individual to say if ur not Jamaican u dnt follow the daily goings on is completely wrong, free addi..