Mavado – Terror By Day [New Music]

Dancehall star Mavado drop a new single “Terror By Day,” off the Shella Riddim, produced by LockeCity Music Group.

Tell them seh, man a terror by day
Man a horror by night
Pu–y mi meck yo friad like a bomber pon a flight
When the shot done, mi still a stand up and a fight

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  1. Too much gun ting inna dem lyrics, gangster ting ah di same ting some Jamaican artist get bullet for or lock op inna jail for. Where is the spreading of love in music gone to seriously. When an artist sing bout guns and violence people rejoice and enjoy, but when im sing bout God, love, peace and happiness people have no interest will ignore.

  2. Tis chune a shot big up the gully god

  3. deh song ya go hard, lyrics a tump dem, vado ever on top of his game

  4. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Mavado ur lyrical content are weak, plz spend quality time one your matireal