Mavado – Terror By Day Lyrics

Mi hear seh them scared when the rifle rise
Them fraid when the rifle noise
Bwoy violate and a rifle bine
Put that pon the rifle pine

Tell them seh, man a terror by day
Man a horror by night
Pu–y mi meck yo friad like a bomber pon a flight
When the shot done, mi still a stand up and a fight

Man a terror by day
Man a horror by night
Them a look fi drive by
But mi strapped up pon a bike
Wid him likkle pretty gyal a chat up and a hype

(Verse 1)
A could a the west bank or the west gate
Cuh them des place
Watch m catch a next case
Bullet in a them head space
Gully side wi no response
Wi no respect no 2 face
Bullet in a them chest plate
Man fresher than some fresh paint

Wa mi do, clap it up and meck bwoy body drop down
Them a seh a mask man wid a black gun
So them turn informer and a back down
Them no bad like mi all when mi back turn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Watch this, watch mi turn a 250 in a 5 50
F–k them, there’s nothing them can do with mi
And them cyaa trick mi because mi crew with mi
And mi likkle cousin Chase Cross pass through with mi
Kill them bwoy deh a chatter
Kick off them face like number 5 soccer
Early in a the morning eye full a matter
Young gyal 16 full him up a copper
From the gully deh, real and proper
Now a 3 Star a f him gyal Sasha
Just scratch mi white Nike
Am a blood splashier
Mack 90 turn on like a four way flasher

(Repeat Chorus 2X)