Vybz Kartel Trial: Key Witness Admit To Lying, Testimony Crumbling

Vybz Kartel trial climax.

On Thursday and Friday of this week, the prosecution witness came under pressure from the defense attorneys representing Vybz Kartel and his co-accused.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. The dancehall star is jointly charged along with protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams.

The Case Of Vybz Kartel Murder Victim, Could He Still Be Alive?

This week the prosecution introduced their star witness Lama Chow to the stand where he gave some damning testimony.

According to Chow, Vybz Kartel and his co-accused murdered his friend Lizard and attempted to give him the same fate before he escaped.

Key witness lied about illegal firearm

Attorney Pierre Rodgers, who is representing Kartel’s co-accused Kahira Jones, questioned Lamar Chow about his handling of an illegal firearm believed to be belonging to Vybz Kartel on the day he and Clive Williams were allegedly attacked at a house in Havendale.

Chow denied having the gun on the day in question, August 16, 2011. When pressed further, the key witness again denied handling of the gun, not knowing whats coming next.

Rodgers then asked Chow to read a paragraph from the official statement he gave to police.

One of the sentence from the script reads, “Bandit take out a gun from the back of his waist and give it to me.”

Lamar Chow then nervously admitted that someone handed him the gun and he had told officers that he did handled the firearm.

However, he said he was not lying in his statement because the gun was handed to him when he went home in the night after the attack had took place.

Chow told the court that a man name Bandit gave him the gun to lock (hide), which he later buried.

vybz-kartel 2

Witness conflicting story about plane ticket

The prosecution key witness, Lamar Chow, also told the court this week that Vybz Kartel and Shawn “Storm” Campbell bought a plane ticket for him to fly to Guyana with them two days after the attack because they did not want him to be questioned by anyone about the incident.

Attorney Miguel Lorne, who is representing Shawn Storm, also took a shot at the star witness, grilling him about the plane ticket he testified about.

Chow told the court that a ticket was purchased for him when he got to the airport, however, he told the police in his official statement that the ticket was not purchased when he got to the airport.

When asked which of the statement is true, Chow said the ticket was already bought.

“So you tell the police a lie?” the attorney grilled the witness.

Witness denied that his story was fabricated with police help

Lamar Chow, who is now the center of the murder trial, also denied allegations by the defense attorneys that he fabricated the story with the help of police officers to avoid being charge with murder and possession of an illegal firearm.

Chow also denied that he had written a letter to the public defender expressing that he does not want to go to court because he had seen Clive Williams after the alleged attack took place.

The trial continues on Monday.


  1. Jamaican justice system is f***** up if it was in the usa he would have been get bail already cause there’s not enough evidence to prove that he did the crime

  2. Benjamin Takainga

    Free World Boss…Ahooo…

  3. Uno quick to judge shut the fu– up seems like u su–ing his di– make u kno all this about him ( truth )

    • No enuh that’s wat gaza promote su–ing and devil work belching out teaching the lil kidz to Burk out that wrong. I dnt judge anyone jus dis approve fu– ni–as like the bleacher

  4. Vybz Kartel will remain behind bars, I don’t believe he’s innocent. Very stupid of him if the witness testimony is anything to go by. However, the witness testimony is incoherent and sounds a bit premeditated. But Kartel’s career has taken a massive dent by this testimony, and has things stands, he will remain behind bars.

  5. I don’t understand what bleachin have to do with a mans freedom so what if he worships the devil that aint your problem i sure if ur broken a$$ was making that type of money you would of done the same

  6. i does cant tek sumah wanna dat does comment on ppl pages tho free the worl boss kartel is 1 of the most intelligent deejays in jamaica this case is ah mess you”ll talking bout lock up the man n lemar is tellin so much lie maybe kartel kill him where does it left lemar cause he is going back on all his words stupes as ah man getting tru in life he does b d worst b4 wanna check wanna self wanna studying hateing my deejay stupes

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  9. Man like kartel that has so much going on for him which is good why would u be doing things like that but if its a lie people ask yourself these questions why would your own dog bite u ,why would he tell gaza slim to tell police that she was robbed by Williams ,and why cant the police find williams dead or alive

  10. The witness sound like he is a lier. If he told police he had an illegal gun why did they not go find the gun and charge him fire possession of the firearm.

  11. free up the world boss

  12. I can see why people want Kartel free. This Lamar guy was apart of their click . If he had went on tour with Kartel he would have never came forward . Kartel is a big international star look how much money he makes for one show . The type of fu—ng deadbeat losers he has around in . Look what happened to Buju informer put Buju where he is , know these two guys will be walking free while Buju is locked away .
    Be careful of the people you associate your self with .

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