Vybz Kartel Trial Day 7 Live Update: Star Witness Take Stand

Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel’s government name, is back in the Home Circuit court in Kingston today to continue his highly publicized trial.

The former Portmore Empire head is on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He is jointly charged along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams.

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Another co-accused, Calvin “Moonie” Haye was exonerated of the charges last week.

Yesterday the defense attorneys continued their cross examination of Police corporal Abebe Pitt, who told the court that he received several cellphones from his superiors that officers took from Vybz Kartel’s home during his arrest on September 30, 2011.

Pitt said he took more than a dozen cellphones to the cyber crime unit for analysis.

Another officer, Wendell Reid, also testified that he was the one who took a missing person statement from the victim’s sister, who was also on the witness stand last week.

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Forensic fire expert, Nicola Brown Baxter, also took the witness stand and told the court that she visited the burnt down home in Havendale five days after the alleged murder took place. She said she observed equipments on the property that she believed was used to start the fire.

Prosecutors theorized that Vybz Kartel and his co-accused beat Clive Williams to death at the home at 7 Swallowfield Avenue, Havendale, in St. Andrew on August 16, 2011. The crown says the home was set on fire to destroy evidence of the murder.

More witness are expected to take the stand today.


Vybz Kartek attorneys cross examined fire expert Nicola Brown Baxter, who told the court that the burnt down home could have been under the control of police officers since it is termed a crime scene.

Brown Baxter later said when she went to the home it was unsecured which didn’t strike her as unusual. She added that fire crime scenes are usually kept secure to avoid contamination.


A telephone company employee will be taking the witness stand.


The prosecution star witness, Lamar Chow, took the stand moments ago and appeared to be very nervous.

Chow positively identified Vybz Kartel and his co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams. He also told the court that he knew Clive “Lizard” Williams for six years from the Waterford community in Portmore, St. Catherine.


Chow told the court that while he was at Clive Williams’ sister home with Williams, they got a phone call from Kahira Jones. He said they were nervous because they know the situation that they were in.

The star witness says Williams told the co-accuse man to “beg Kartel for him.” To which Jones replied everything is good. He said Williams knew Kahira Jones, who is a co-accused, from primary school.

He said Williams’ sister then gave them $1000 and took them to the Portmore mall and told them to leave the area.


Chow, lead by prosecutor Jeremy Taylor, also told the court that his his cousin and Shawn “Storm” Campbell has a child together.


Chow was questioned about the missing firearm that Clive Williams was allegedly murdered over.

Chow told the court that Shawn ‘Storm’ Campbell accompanied himself and Williams in a taxi to the house in Havendale. He said that the dancehall artist assured them no harm would come to them and even let them spoke with Vybz Kartel via cellphone.

He added that Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, invited them into the home on Swallowfield Avenue before he began questioning them about the missing firearm.

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