Usain Bolt Told Rihanna “I’m In Love With You”

Usain Bolt want a piece of Rihanna and you can’t blame him, but he is not alone, every guy in the world want a piece of the Bajan beauty.

After Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde post that twerking video on Instagram last week, Usain Bolt got a hold of it and suddenly started training harder just in case they cross path in a dancehall session or at carnival.

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This is what Bolt post on Twitter:

Usain Bolt clearly has a huge crush on Rihanna because he also tweeted about her new music video “Pour It Up” which contains a lot of booty shaking and twerking on water.

A TMZ photographer also caught up with Bolt while he was doing some promotional run in Los Angeles last week and he said “I’m in love with you, hit me up Rihanna, hit me up.”


  1. I ????per cent agree he should stay away from her . It’s all over the internet that Chris brown said every one has fu– Rhianna that’s nasty . Usain came from nothing to something humble your self .

  2. DemBwoyDehNuhWorryMe

    Stay away from that ho dawg. Pu— good but it ain’t worth it.

  3. Lol bolt riri don`t fu– dark skin men…….sorry she will pass on ya.

    • She doesn’t publicly at least…

      • Lol do you know of any she did behind close door..stay out her life!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I was making a casual joke you retard; we are on the internet. I couldn’t care less about Rihanna or your opinion of her. You could both die right now for all I care.

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  4. I like Eve for Usain but she already have a BF . Rhianna is an open book not good .

  5. LOL Bolt go sit your thirsty a.. down