Rihanna Goes Twerking Again, Or Is This One Wining [VIDEO]

The battle for the twerk queen title between Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus continues. Just a week after Nicki Minaj released a video showing off her twerking skills to Vybz Kartel’s classic “Tek Buddy Gal”, Rihanna released another.

This time Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde show off their skills. But us Caribbean folks know this as wining. So the question is Rihanna twerking or wining? And whats the difference?

Rihanna has deleted the photos off her Instagram page so she can focus on more elegant business like promoting her shoe of the year Puma Creeper sneaker. She also promotes her music and other fashion venture on her IG page but no more twerking videos.

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    Just because America has a new dance called “twerking” doesnt mean that everyone else is doing it or that a similar dance didn’t exist for centuries already.
    In the caribbean we call it wining or bubbling. I hate when non-caribean people see me dancing and call it twerking. strippers twerk, us caribbean people whine or we bubble our assess which is also what rihanna and her friends were doing

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    Well I think da whole lot is F–in sh-t music is about the words what the story tells well it used to be not all dis sh-t they only do it to look better n sell more ill stick to ma bob marley at least dats sum gd education?

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    I think twerking is just shaking your booty. wining take skills like the real hardcore dancehall wining.