Mad Cobra Says He Want JM$5.2 Million To Perform At Sting

Mad Cobra says he will do Sting but only if promoters fork out US$50,000.

According to the dancehall veteran, Sting recently called him to express their interest in getting him on the show, but Cobra says he already has shows booked overseas for those dates that will net hin US$60,000.

Yes dancehall artists make money too, just not as much as pop stars. But this is what Cobra is saying.

“I have prior engagements overseas in Europe where I collect US$20,000 already because I didn’t know Sting was interested in me,” Cobra told Irie FM. “For the past five or six years I wasn’t booked for Sting or wasn’t asked to perform on Sting. I get some calls like a month and a half ago saying they were interested.”

Cobra says he is willing to negotiate with the promoters overseas but only if Sting can step up to the plate.

“I want to do Sting but I am not begging to go on Sting because I don’t beg work,” Cobra said.

At today’s exchange rate of US$1 to JM$104.52, that would mean Mad Cobra wants JM$5,225,752.51.

In 2010 Sting turned down Vybz Kartel request for JM$5 million to perform on the show.

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  1. Oh fu—ng plz mad cobra yuh want too much money and u nuh worth it ninja kill u over the years … Ninja a real clash artiste him should a turn over wold bi–h

  2. LOL so if them naan pay Vybz Kartel so much money a Cobra them ago pay 5 mil. You see what happen to Kartel since him fall out with Laing. Watch yo head back Cobra