Bounty Killer Blast Mr. Vegas, Says He Is Defying Dancehall Rules [VIDEO]

Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas beef is nowhere near over.

During a recent interview with D’Wrap, Bounty Killer explains why he attacked Mr. Vegas over his outfit on Rising Stars over the summer.

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“Dancehall is no open land, its no flee market, its no walk in closet,” Killer said. “There are rules and guidelines in dancehall. You come in this thing and you saw veterans doing it… this is not your creation so how you want come put in what you want.”

“That little drag queen boy who don’t have any manners, I didn’t say anything about him, all I did was buy a paper and I saw a picture in the paper, its my paper I bought it,” Bounty Killer continues.

Bounty Killer also turned his attention to Ricky Trooper who publicly says he will be playing at a gay party.

Watch the interview below.

See some photos of Bounty Killer over the years here.

Bounty Killer and Mavado


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