Foota Hype Says Vybz Kartel’s Statement On Dancehall Is “Madness”

There are sounds echoing from all corners of dancehall in response to Vybz Kartel‘s controversial statement claiming that “Dancehall is in jail.”

Last week a popular producer hit back at the self-proclaim Worl’Boss calling his statement ignorant and bias.

DETAILS: Dancehall Reacts To Vybz Kartel Statement Claiming “Dancehall Is Incarcerated”

Dancehall has been mostly quiet, except for fans voicing their opinions on social media, since Vybz Kartel made the statement.

Foota Hype

But popular Sound System selector Foota Hype has stepped forward to give his piece on the issue.

“If he is talking about how they are turning off the music early and how they are taking away artists visas and stopping artists from having freedom of speech and stuff like that then dancehall is definitely in jail,” Foota Hype told Irie FM.

“But if its in the sense that he is in jail then dancehall is incarcerated I wouldn’t say that, I would have said a big portion of dancehall is in jail because he has a huge fan base and he is well received across the world,” the popular selector added.

“A lot of people missed Vybz Kartel and Kartel is one of the most talented artists in dancehall. But if its in terms of him saying that he is being locked up is locking up dancehall all entirely that’s madness,” Foota continues.

Vybz Kartel, who is known for controversy, insisted in his statement that dancehall has not been the same since his incarceration in 2011.

“Since I’ve been in jail, reggae has taken over because it’s a refreshing alternative to dancehall for the young kids who realise the artistes of dancehall are just recycling Kartel lyrics and flow. It’s pathetic,” Vybz Kartel said.


  1. A real talk Foota!Dancehall Biggah a daan vk another real talk for him to b an artist that claims to b so lyrical n intelligent it’s d most lose talk n controversial mouth anyone ever listen to that don’t have a sense of direction…A Real Talk Wat Else Can I Say…

  2. if most a it in they all a it in they,who is foota hype if him never make a comment nobody wouldn’t even memba seh him alive

  3. worlll boss is telling the truth

  4. RDX, Konshens, Aidonia,QQ and others make some really good songs…kartel and him ego i tell u him naw learn at all….same thing gets him in prison smh

  5. dah truth haz bin set free enuh dat adii truth

  6. that true u saying world boss a big man ova dancehall …………………big up

  7. World boss is right ever since the man went to jail ppl ah steal the mon style

  8. Dancehall Has survived long before Kartel and it will survive long after him, conceited much

  9. Odane Odane Odane

    Kartel did not say talent is not in dancehall but even i got bored of dancehall 5years ago and was just intuned to listening to vybz and dancehall from the 90s. Just a repetition of Kartels work with alot of mediocre performers, really im bored you can go sumfest whichever show in Jamaica and you will be guaranteed the same boring act by different names yr after yr after yr, thanks Kartel for rejuvinating an almost failed industry- even SEAN PAUL now on techno rhythm…lol

  10. Odane Odane Odane

    what is intelligent about the statements made by footer hype? Dancehall is really in Jail: not a physical jail obviously and one cannot look at this on a literal point of view. Dancehall is limited, while artist have freedom of speech there is no guarantee that their right will remain after making use of that freedom of speach. Taking away of visa and termination of work permits etc, turning off music early as mentioned by footer hype, isnt that along the path to putting something as outlaw? Furthermore if something is outlawed and is i contrary to the law, hence in order to be accepted you have to resort to a whole different genre isnt dancehall in Jail? Why can every other genre express their message freely and openly without state and religious criticisms except dancehall? Mr. Palmer spoke for dancehall and it is true dancehall is locked up!

  11. foota is stupid he say a big portion is in jail then he want to contradict he’s self be saying dancehall not in jail wtf if three quarter of the pie in my belly and the next quarter is on the plate so were is the pie what im trying to say is majority counts so dancehall is in jail

  12. Intelligent statement Foota

  13. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Fact foota and thankz to shed the light on the issue, dancehall wasn’t create by him… an like any other artist dancehall is way before them.

  14. Good Statement But what Kartel SAYING is The Truth every one Know’s about That .. No Big Deal