Two Years After Arrest Vybz Kartel Still Refuses To Be Silenced

A little after 4 a.m. on September 30th two years ago; a Police Team dramatically entered a New Kingston hotel and placed Adidja Palmer in custody.

Many thought that the most prolific voice the Jamaican ghetto had ever heard would be silenced as police went on National TV a few weeks before that to suggest that they have as much as 5 murder charges to pin on a popular DJ from South St. Catherine – the entire country felt the silencing of Vybz Kartel was near.

Vybz Kartel: “I set the new millennium benchmark for dancehall”

It was a popular belief that these charges would do what Broadcast Commissions’ bans, denials of live performance permits, several detentions and visa refusals could not do – stop Vybz Kartel from telling the world about the plight of Jamaica’s Ghetto.

Vybz Kartel hospitalize

Fast forward to today, September 30, 2013 which marks 2 years that a man who is so far 100% innocent – the world will have the greatest access they have ever had to Vybz Kartel deepest thoughts as his book Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto goes live as an ebook on Amazon with more e-merchants to offer the book over the next few days.

“In response to the massive demand the book has had from across the globe; we had to release the e-book, shelving plans to wait until Addi is out. For weeks we could not fill a single wholesale order and there was a point where there was not a single book available for sale anywhere in the world. After Amazon, the book will then be available at barnesandnoble.com, ibookstore, Sony, Kobo, Copia and every popular e-book vendor across the globe” explained Keecha Gooch, COO of Whirlwind Entertainment, the company with the responsibility for International distribution.

Vybz Kartel book cover artwork

This should come as good news for Kartel fans across the globe. The e-book is listed at an average cost wish is 50% of the cost of printed copies and it will now facilitate the international debates and dialogue that Kartel intended to stimulate with the book. After the book was picked up by Princeton University’s library, it literally went viral and it is expected that some records will be broken this week as Kartel’s fans the world over begin downloading the book.


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