Ja Rule Drop New Single “Fresh Out Da Pen” Says Its Not A 50 Cent Diss [AUDIO]

Ja Rule drop his comeback single “Fresh Out Da Pen” just four months after being released from prison.

“Fresh Out Da Pen” is the 37-year-old New York rapper’s first single since 2011. Rule did a 2-year stint in prison for tax evasion and a gun charge.

PHOTO: Ja Rule Came Out Prison Much Bigger Than He Went In

“Fresh out the pen / Middle finger up / Ni–a, I don’t give a f / And you know what y’all can s–k,” Ja Rule rap over a hip-hop beat.

In the single, Ja Rule also proclaim his innocent, as well as, touch on recent pop culture happenings including Miley Cyrus twerking at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Ja Rule also took to Twitter to downplay rumors that he took shots at 50 Cent on the track.

Listen to Ja Rule “Fresh Out Da Pen” below.

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