Mavado Reveals Name Of Politician Who Swindled Millions From Him

Mavado is making good on his promise to reveal the name of the politician he is suing over a home purchase.

So far the Gully Gad has only release the initials of the politician’s name as P.B. in an effort to get the popular PNP Member of Parliament to step forward and address the issue.

Mavado Going After Popular Politician, “Give Me My Money”

A close source inside the Gully camp told Urban Islandz that Mavado want to get his house or his money back.

“Vado just want him money or the house he was promised because it’s been four years now,” the source said requesting anonymity.

There are only two Members of Parliaments from ruling party with the initials P.B., namely Peter Bunting and Paul Buchanan.

Mavado says he will reveal the full name of the politician in a lawyer his lawyers are filing in the coming weeks.

The “Settle Down” singjay says he paid the politician millions for a house in the upscale community of Norbrook in Kingston.

The house he says is for his mother.



  1. Blessup GullyGad A Real Talk Ting Defend U Paper…ANOTHER REAL TALK

  2. yow mi rate dah move deh weh vado mek by a house fi him mada,da politician boy betta give the man him house or money or else him aguh dead like (roach) we the best!!!!!

  3. yes gad show them up

  4. dem politician bwoy deh tink seh tru man come from ghetto dem a eediat. sue him ra$$ yes