Mavado Going After Popular Politician, “Give Me My Money”

Mavado and a popular Jamaican politician could be heading to court.

The Gully Gad says he paid the politician, who is a Member of Parliament for the ruling PNP, millions of dollars for a house in the upscale community of Norbrook in Kingston.

Mavado Suing A Jamaican Politician For Millions

However, Mavado says it has been four years and he still can’t get the keys for the house.

“For about four years now I gave this politician my money, a lot of money, for this house for my mom,” Mavado told Irie FM. “It’s been four years now and he has never called me one day and tell me how my house is going and he is a politician.”

Mavado says he will be suing the politician to recover his money.

“Right now my legal team is getting the paperwork together, so in another week or two I am going to let the entire Jamaica know who he is,” Mavado said.

Sources close to the “Caribbean Girls” singjay revealed the name of the politician to Urban Islandz, however we cannot published same name until the dancehall star made it public.

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  1. Looking forward to this

  2. Jamaican politicians are always corrupt why did u do business with him Vado