Did Baby Drama Broke Up Rihanna And Chris Brown ?

It is still a mystery why Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up earlier this year.

New reports revealed that some baby drama could be at the center of their bitter split.

Rihanna Still Holding On To Hopes Of A Chris Brown Reunion

Earlier this year Rihanna was running around doing interviews saying she plans on having a baby with Chris Brown in the future.

Turns out she wasn’t kidding, but Chris Brown was nowhere near there and that caused a rift in their already shaky relationship.

“She told him she loved him and could see herself starting a family with him in the future,” a source told Hollywoodlife. “She wasn’t talking like right now.”

“When my girl tell you she loves you and wants to be serious with you and start a real life you and maybe even have your baby in the future, you turn her down, and then put her on blast on a radio show,” the source explained. “That’s all bad. Like game over.”

Days after Rihanna had that conversation with Chris Brown he went on The Kyle & Jackie O radio show and said he is not focusing on wifing Rihanna up right now, and that made her went ballistic.

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