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Dr. Carolyn Cooper Talks The Impact Of Vybz Kartel Book [VIDEO]

While many of Jamaicans have confirmed that they read Vybz Kartel‘s book The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, most have stayed away from the book simply because it was written by Vybz Kartel.

Dr. Carolyn Cooper, like many Jamaicans, admitted that she too was skeptical about the book until she read it.

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“To be honest I was surprised at how good it was,” Dr. Cooper said during an interview with Wrap.

“Like many other people I had the prejudice that maybe its not even much,” the UWI professor added. “But one of the things I was surprised about was Kartel’s attitude towards abortion and I know this is a very delicate issue in Jamaica and most deejays condemn women who do abortion… But Vybz Kartel has a very sophisticated view of it in my mind as feminist.”

Dr. Cooper, who is a professor of literary and cultural studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona, also opens up about her controversial article published in the Gleaner last month.

Watch the interview below.


  1. Glenis Holland

    She is such a racist…that’s why Jamaica caan betta.

  2. yow as I always say vybz kartel is one of the intelligent dj out of Jamaica know doubt about that big up the world boss I got not one bad thing to say bout the teacha.

  3. GAZA EMPERO the real World boss.

  4. I really need to get my hand on that book, more reason for me to like addi.

  5. His opinion on anything still means nothing to me – despite what Dr Cooper says about the book I still won’t be reading it!