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Tommy Lee Bounced Back With Sold Out Shows In Europe, Suriname [VIDEO]

Tommy Lee Sparta has bounced back following a very disappointing show in Trinidad last month where only a handful of fans turned up.

The “Spartan Angels” deejay took a brief break from the spotlight where he spend most of his time in the studio.

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But now the deejay is back on tour and performing in front sold out crowds in Suriname and Europe.

“Suriname welcome mi, from mi land everywey mi go, everywey mi turn, a bay Sparta dem a say,” Tommy Lee said. “Mi music a play ova de whole place and dem into dancehall music. Mi feel proud fi represent and keep the music current through the Caribbean.”

“Right now, mi just left Holland and de people dem know mi song dem and dem come out to the show,” Tommy Lee added. “Today, mi just reach a France. Mi have a couple shows here before me go Switzerland. So de tour a gwaan well. I am looking forward to being back in the UK, also the big German festival, Ruhr on May 10, that will be my biggest event to date.”

Tommy Lee has a couple new singles bubbling on the airwaves incluidng “Warn Dem,” “Bun Nu Nu,” “Captain Sparta,” and the popular “Spartan Angels.”

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  1. like gaza and tommyle and popocaan gaza slim.

  2. jajaja jajaaaaj me gusta tommy lee.

  3. he will do great in europe where people rock to the beat and not the lyrics…after all europe has a lot of devil followers like himself.

  4. Evry were mi we go every we ten sparta!