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Shane Brown Says Busy Signal Is Ungrateful

Shane Brown is clearly not happy with Busy Signal’s split and rightfully so.

According to the Juke Boxx head, he took Busy Signal career from out the dirt and made him into the brand he is today.

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Speaking with the Gleaner, Shane says Busy Signal is ungrateful and their verbal contract legally binds them together as artist and manager.

“Busy Signal is ungrateful,” Shane Brown said. “When you look at where we took Busy Signal’s career from – out of the dirt – and we made his brand a more polished brand. He is ungrateful. Busy’s situation is also very unique because when he was arrested and taken abroad, I took six months off and did nothing else so that Busy could return to Jamaica. I invested in him personally, because I owed it to him as his manager and friend to get him back to Jamaica. Busy Signal is doing interviews, saying that Shane Brown is the best. Him a behave like nutt’n nuh happen, like him is a mad man.”

“I did management studies and part of that is law,” Shane Brown added. “My lawyers can tell you how mi stay. I am not a careless person. We had a verbal agreement that is public knowledge. That stands in the court of law. My lawyer already gave him a memorandum of understanding, which he has signed.”

During an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage last month, Busy Signal says there were no bad vibes between himself and Shane.

Signal also indicated that his brothers will be taking on his management duties.

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  1. Some artists really ungrateful for real but managers should make them sign better contracts. Word of mouth contract wont cut it.