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Was Shane Brown Smashing Busy Signal Baby Mama While In Prison ?

The streets are talking and they are dishing every dirty secret in dancehall.

Last month Busy Signal shocked dancehall fans when he announced that he has fired longtime manager Shane Brown.

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Even Shane himself admitted he was very surprised and hurt by Busy Signal’s decision. But the saga is far from over as some new allegations begins to surface.

According to rumors reaching Urban Islandz ears, Busy Signal axed Shane Brown because the Juke Boxx head was smashing his baby mother while he was serving time in a United States prison last year.

A close source to the Turf Music deejay told Urban Islandz that the rumors are just rumors but there could be some truth to it.

“Shane is the reason why Busy Signal met his baby mother and there were some longtime rumor that Shane use to deh with her before Busy,” the source said.

“Everyone is still puzzle why Busy fire Shane because they were very close and Shane help Busy get through the whole trial last year,” the source added.

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The source also told us there were some rumors about some money issues but those rumors are unconfirmed.

“There were some talks of tension regarding some money issues and recording material but I can’t confirm if that is true,” the source disclosed.

In 2010 Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel were beefing over another of the deejay’s baby mother. Vybz Kartel publicly taunted the “Night Shift” deejay on Facebook.

During an interview with Winford Williams of Onstage last month, Busy Signal said he parted with Shane Brown because he wants to have total control over his life and career.

His brothers are also joining his management team.

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  1. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Absolutely bad move to bring family into your business Busy, bad move period! Draft a contract with Shane, it’s easier to sue him than family.

  2. LOL if that is true that really f**k. never smash the baby mother.