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VIDEO: Vybz Kartel Ft. Gaza Slim – Children Are Our Future

Gaza Slim impersonate Vybz Kartel in the video for “Children Are Our Future.”

For a moment we thought Vybz Kartel catch a break and get release from jail but he is still very much locked inside a tiny metal cell with heavy security.

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The video for the SO Unique-produced single was shot by Carlington Wilmot.

Peep the video below.


  1. who bodda dan u. who badda dan me. fu–eryness people gwan wid. always a badda man. BUT di real talk is who di smarta one. love ya brodda dem and sista dem. protect ya community and love ya family YUTE! IF dem violate do weh ya want fi do.

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  5. free world boss gaza man stand tall.

  6. Nervy Spence Lesley

    Caah hold the teacha down…Gaza man stand tall!