Buju Banton Trial: Light At End Of The Tunnel After Juror Testimony

Buju Banton sees a tiny light at the distant end of the tunnel in his ongoing fight for freedom in the United States.

Yesterday a juror testified in the Sam M Gibbon Court in Tampa, Florida that the alleged misconduct of another juror, Teri Wright, was in fact discussed in the jury room.

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This is still not concrete evidence to give Buju Banton a new trial since another juror says he knows nothing about the alleged misconduct.

“One juror said he knew nothing about what Wright did but another threw a spanner in the works after he said it was discussed in the jury room. Everything still hangs in the air,” Buju Banton lawyer Chokwe Lumumba said.

Federal Judge James Moody now has the task of making a ruling on whether or not Buju Banton was unfairly convicted which could lead to a new trial.

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The accused juror, Teri Wright, also reported to court yesterday with her computer hard disc drive as ordered by the judge. A computer specialist hired by Banton’s legal team will scour it for any evidence of a misconduct.

Banton, born Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence in a Florida prison after being convicted on drug trafficking charges last year. The Grammy-winning reggae singer is also facing an additional five years on a gun charge.

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