Buju Banton Put Studies On Hold Pending Verdict In Case

Buju Banton place his studies on hold while behind bars but the dilemma might be worth it.

A juror misconduct breathe new life into Buju Banton ongoing fight for freedom.

Hope For Buju Banton, Judge Ordered Probe Into Juror Misconduct

Less than a year after being sentenced to 10 years in prison, Buju Banton’s legal team saw an opening when juror Teri Wright told a South Florida journalist that she researched aspects of the case during the trial. That is a direct violation of court orders.

Buju Banton, who was pursuing a Masters Degree in Political Science while serving his sentence in Miami, have since being relocated to the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa while awaiting a judge ruling on the new development.

“He was, in fact, pursuing his education but that has been put on hold since he is now in a Tampa jail awaiting the outcome of this latest development,” Buju Banton lawyer Kwame Lumumba said.

Buju Banton Granted Evidentiary Hearing

Last week Federal Judge James Moody ordered a full investigation into the alleged misconduct of the juror. US Marshals have since confiscated the juror computers as part of their investigation.

Moody will decide whether or not to grant the Grammy-winning singer a new trial in the coming weeks.

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