Jurors Thinks Buju Banton Is Innocent

Reggae star Buju Banton is looking at an additional five years on top of the ten when he returns to court later this month for a sentencing hearing.

Earlier this year, a federal judge reinstates a gun charge that was previously dropped after the singer lost his appeal. But at least four members from the panel of jury think the Grammy-winning singer is innocent of that charge.

A Juror Violation Could Give Buju Banton Big Break In His Case

Earlier this week, juror Terri Wright sparked controversy when she told the Broward Palm Beach New Time that she researched aspects of the case online during the trial.

According to Buju Banton’s lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba, that is a violation of strict court orders and could lead to a mistrial, as well as, opens the door for appeal.

Wright is also one four jurors who believe that Banton is innocent of the gun charge.

“When we found him guilty on the firearm, I was glad to hear that the judge had threw it out because (Buju) had no knowledge that there was a gun and stuff involved,” Wright told the New Times.

Buju Banton Ordered By Judge To Attend Sentencing Hearing

“I’m still not sure if I fully understand how we got to say OK, guilty, with how it was explained to us. That (instruction) was the confusing one,” she added.

When asked if she thinks justice was served, Wright says, “Yes and no.”

“I went back and forth … That could have been my brother, my husband, my father, somebody that I know. We wanted to be fair,” she said.

Wright told the New Time that there were too many unanswered questions about the trial including how the informant Alex Johnson met Buju Banton on a flight.

“How did he know Buju was on this flight and to single him out?” Wright asks.

Buju Banton is currently serving ten years in a Miami federal prison.

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