Usain Bolt Dunk The Highlight Of NBA Celebrity Game [VIDEO]

Jamaica basketball team should be giving Usain Bolt a call after last night’s NBA Celebrity Game during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The 6’5″ Jamaican sprinter, who played for the East Coast Squad, got a high pass in the last minute of the first quarter and then performed a two handed slam dunk.

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Twitter immediately erupt with #usainbolt became a trending topic.

Before the game, Usian Bolt told reporters that he is a much better soccer player than basketball, but admitted he could dunk very well.

“I’m more of a better soccer player than a basketball player, so I definitely want to try soccer,” Usain Bolt says.

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Bolt achieved legendary status at last year’s London Olympic games when he successfully defended his sprint double gold medals.

Watch video below.

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