Usain Bolt Use Ex-Girlfriend Booty Pics As Inspiration At Olympics

Usain Bolt is in love with Megan Edwards assets. But was that the reason he ran so fast at the London Olympics?

According to the Sun, Megan Edwards, who is a British part time athlete and accounting, gave Usain Bolt a photo of her booty for inspiration to sprint to the finish line.

WORD!. Usain Bolt Dumped By British Girlfriend Megan Edwards

“Think of my bum at the finish line lol,” Edwards told Bolt ahead of his August 5th 100m finals, to which he replied: “I can do that.”

Usain Bolt smashed the Olympic record in 9.63 seconds to win gold that day.

“I was thinking of ur a$$,” Bolt told Megan Edwards after the race.

Usain Bolt reportedly asked for a second photo for the 200m finals but Edwards forgot to send it. However, Bolt used the one he had and again won gold.

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Megan Edwards ended her relationship with the sprint legend in Christmas, citing the distance as the main factor. They remained friends.

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