Mr. Vegas Baby Mama No Show In Court For Custody Hearing

Mr. Vegas is very serious about getting custody of his 2-year-old baby girl from his estrange ex-girlfriend Shellian McBayne.

The dancehall star reported to the Bronx County Family Court in New York with his lawyer on Monday where begin his custody case, but things came to a halt because McBayne did not show up for court.

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The presiding judge rescheduled the case to April 23 and order McBayne to report to court.

After the hearing Mr. Vegas took to his Twitter to vent his frustration.

“Good must overcome evil! Where God presence is, the devil is afraid to show its ugly face!,” Mr. Vegas tweeted.

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Mr. Vegas and Shellian McBayne relationship came to an abrupt end in October last year when the “Hot Wuk” deejay discovered video footage showing McBayne having s-x with another man inside his Florida condo.

Vegas says he has not seen his daughter since.