Mr. Vegas Cheating Files Leaked

Recently Mr Vegas’ baby mother Shellian McBayne was caught on camera by the singjay in bed with another man in his Florida home.

The infamous incident consequently gave rise to speculation that Blacker and Macca Diamond’s “Bun Him” collaboration was Shellian’s motivation.

Mr. Vegas Heading To Court To Gain Custody Of Daughter

One angry fan of Mr. Vegas said,”she is not to be compared to a snake, becuase a snake does not disguise its intention. She should be compared to a Lion Fish. The out ward appearance of the creature completely belies its deadly, poisonous and aggressive nature. The Lion Fish attracts his prey with its beauty and then consumes everything that comes close to it.”

But the alleged Cheating Files reveal a tearful, juicy and emotionally charged story of sex, violence, betrayal and years of abuse.

VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Opens Up About Crying On TV After Cheating Scandal obtained some excerpts from Mr. Vegas upcoming book “Bare Tingz” and its juicy.

See some excerpts below

Chapter 1: After being crowned Miss Cornwall Beauty Queen in 1998, the young beauty moved to Kingston to be with her boyfriend Prince, where she continued on her quest to become Miss Jamaica and pursue her modelling career. Research showed her appearing in Kiprich “Breakout” video sometime around 1999. Neighbors at her Oakland Apartment recalled her nightly screams of uncontrolled passion and daily arguments between her and her boyfriend due to his insatiable appetite for women. They disappeared from Jamaica and ended up in Colombia, where she supposedly treated him to a live-in three-some relationship. He some how violated the cardinal rules that structured their threesome relationship, which ultimately brought it to a violent end with blasts from a gun and multiple stab wounds. They were both very tight lipped about this Colombian incident.

Chapter 2: A source in Westmoreland said the native, heartbroken damsel in distress came back to Jamaica and found comfort in the arms of her family. Her cousin who was at the time having a secret srelationship with Mr Vegas introduced the two. The cousin’s relationship was always colored with rivalry and jealousy, so cousin X kept Vegas close like a purse. Was Shellian using her cousins purse behind her back?. Being of Indian descen the petite beau had a strong sex drive and dreams of fairy tale romance. She met and settled down with the DJ Mr G (formely known as Goofy). He was smitten and ingored the warnings that his friend Red Rat screamed in his hit song, “dat girl, dat girl Shellian, she gwaan like she sweet but have one bag a man”. He apparently found her “G-Spot” and she became pregnant with their first child. Accusations of mutual cheating, verbal abuse and physical altercation drove the couple to seperate and an embittered custody battle for their son ensued. It is alleged that Mr G’s high ranking police relative influence the judicial process and the Deejay won sole custody of their son. With the child being ripped away from her arms she became the embodiment of fury and scorn became her weapon of choice.

Chapter 3: Her cousins purse became her personal handbag and a steady relationship with Mr Vegas was born. The emotionally delicate beauty found herself in constant argument with Vegas’ trailer load a gal dem, but it proved too much for her when she discovered what Mr Vegas considered ‘OFF LIMITS.” They broke up. The vivacious Saggitarian armed herself with courage and being hopeful romantic, she boarded a plane to be with ex boyfriend Prince in New York, who she had not seen in six years. According to a family friend she became pregnant and she tatooed his name on the back of her neck as a celebration of a new beginning between him and her. Her hopes were short-live after she developed complications which ultimately ended the pregnancy.. Her grief, coupled with Prince continued womanizing behavior left her no choice but to return to Jamaica. Her heart was tired, and it shattered like shards of glass from all these years or relationship fatigue. The fragmented pieces of her heart became ice-cubes, and she was left with an ice-box where her heart used to be. Her “Prince” tatoo became “Princess”, she went back to Vegas and she decided privately in her heart, that she would drink her soup when it got cold. A friend of hers who wants to remain anonymous confessed that Shellians favourite artist is Vybz Cartel and she usually listens to his songs to cheer herself up. When the writer of the alleged ‘Cheating Files” ask the friend what is Shellians next move? She smiled ominously and said, “Karma is the bi–h that is driving and Shelly is just riding shot-gun. If you look close enuf you wi realize seh har life is just like a chess game an di queen checkmate di king…