VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Opens Up About Why He Cried, Cheating Baby Mama [Full Onstage Interview]

Mr. Vegas opens up about his recent drama with his baby mother, Shellian McBayne, cheating with another man in his home in front his 1-year-old daughter.

In his first full length interview with Winford Williams of OnStage, Mr. Vegas says the ordeal drove him insane at one point.

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“How can you be so cold to not understand that a man must be angry if he comes home and see video tape with a man in his bed with his woman and then the woman step out the room and leave this man alone with my little baby… and she is exposed to this man private… she is right there and she is right there,” Mr. Vegas said.

“I think I was insane at some point… I couldn’t sleep for days,” Mr. Vegas added.

Mr. Vegas was also genuine in his response to the question on what brought him to tears during an interview with Hot 97 Radio earlier this month.

New Music: Mr. Vegas “Bare Tingz” About Baby Mama Drama

“To know that I could not go down that road where other people would have gone,” Mr. Vegas said. “To know that I have my other kids and would be giving up on their future.”

“If I go to prison then who is going to ensure my daughter don’t get expose to these things again,” Vegas added.

When asked if he was in love with her (Shellian McBayne). A smiling Mr. vegas said “Big time.”

Mr. Vegas also opens up about why he published the drama on Facebook, what was happening on the inside of their relationship, and how he plans to move pass this drama.

Watch the full interview below.