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Rihanna Flaunts Her Assets In Revealing Outfit [PHOTO]

Maybe she is trying to send a message to Chris Brown or maybe Rihanna is just being RiRi.

The Bajan pop beauty flaunts her gorgeous figure in a photo posted on Instagram today.

Rihanna Caught Creeping Into Chris Brown Mansion [PHOTO]

Rihanna also posted a few photos showing fans how she get ready for a photo shoot.

Rihanna was spotted over the weekend visiting her on-again boyfriend Chris Brown at his Los Angeles mansion.

Paparazzi also snapped the two hitting up a West Hollywood studio the day before, sparking rumors of a new collaborative single between them.

Rihanna “Stay” With Chris Brown On New Single Cover [PHOTO]

Rihanna is also gearing up to hit the road next month for her Diamond World Tour.

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  1. so the media makes a big deal out of everything celebs do smh riri sexy if she want to show it off then let her be =).

  2. Stupes

  3. kmt booooooooooooooooooring!