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Rihanna Caught Creeping Into Chris Brown Mansion [PHOTO]

Rihanna reunited with Chris Brown for the weekend after over a week of turmoil in their relationship.

The “Diamonds” hitmaker was snapped by paparazzi on Friday night going in Chris Brown’s mansion in Los Angeles.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Hit The Studio For Another Single [PHOTO]

Although she moved quickly to avoid the paps lenses, they still managed to get a few shots of her rocking some body hugging jeans, heels with matching coat.

Rihanna later posted a few photos on her Instagram of herself smoking a blunt while relaxing in Chris Brown home.

Rihanna smoking blunt 2013

Rihanna and Chris Brown was also spotted on Thursday hitting up a studio in West Holiday, sparking rumors that they are working on a new single together. Sean Kingston was also spotted leaving that studio session.

rihanna 2012013 2



  1. lol@ the choice of words “caught” and “creeping”!


    Oh! The nerve! She is an adult. He is an adult. Neither are married to other people. Therefore, there is no such thing as “caught” or “creeping”. As IF the public are their parents and they are youth’s sneaking out the window at night or something. They can and will do wtf they so choose and it will not be “creeping” or “getting caught” either.

    Rhianna simply wen’t to see Chris and that’s that! Stop this madness “caught” crap! It’s absurd and ridiculous.

  2. dey are meant to be bcuz luv wic is between has no endin itz grows strength 2 strength.

  3. Yea luv cant be a hidin itz a divine which brought dem togeda by havin dere wonderful tym livin happy n probs sumn tym.

  4. They were meant for each other.

  5. How is it “creeping” when they’re openly dating each other?