Hope For Buju Banton, Judge Ordered Probe Into Juror Misconduct

The year starts with some good news for Buju Banton and his fans.

There is a renewed hope in the Grammy-winning singer’s ongoing battle for freedom in the United States.

Buju Banton Sentencing Postponed, Gargamel Issue Statement

Earlier today Federal Judge James Moody has ordered United States Marshals expand their probe into an alleged misconduct by Juror Teri Wright.

Moody, who handed down the ruling earlier today, also indicated that he will be probing other jurors involved in the case that sent Buju Banton to prison for 10 years.

On the next court hearing Moody will rule on whether or not he will grant Buju Banton’s legal team a new trial.

Buju Banton attorney, Kwame Lumumbam, says the singer is in a good mood since hearing the news.

A Juror Violation Could Give Buju Banton Big Break In His Case

“He is anxious about what is going on and is hoping for a positive outcome. He is remaining positive,” he told the Observer.

Last year juror Teri Wright told a Journalist in South Florida that she would research aspects of the case when she leave court.

That is a direct violation of court orders and could lead to a mistrial if found to be true.