A Juror Violation Could Give Buju Banton Big Break In His Case

A juror in the Buju Banton case allegedly violates court orders which could lead to a mistrial.

While this is good news for Buju Banton, his fans should not get their hopes too high since the singer’s legal team has been unsuccessful in getting a break through in his case..

Buju Banton Ordered By Judge To Attend Sentencing Hearing

During an interview with Broward Palm Beach New Times, juror Terri Wright says she would research aspects of Buju Banton drug trial online when she leaves court and goes home.

“I would get in the car, just write my notes down so I could remember, and I would come home and do the research,” Wright says.

“They give you the instructions not to go online and, you know, make an opinion. I tried to follow that as close as possible. I don’t think what I found out would have changed how I thought,” Wright added.

Buju Banton’s lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba, says a violation of these specific orders could lead to a mistrial, as well as, opens the door for appeal.

Buju Banton Axed Lawyer, Seeks New Representation & Trial

“If she’s doing that, actually looking up things that concerned the case during the course of the case, that’s in violation of court orders,” Lumumba said. “That inappropriate behavior can certainly be basis for a new trial. If that’s the case, we certainly will pursue it.”

Buju Banton returns to court on October 29 for a sentencing hearing after he lost his appeal earlier this year.

The Grammy-winning singer, who is currently serving 10 years, is looking at a heavier sentencing after the judge reinstates a gun charge that was previously dropped.

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