King Beenie Man Calls For Cease Fire In Dancehall

Dancehall King Beenie Man has been quiet for the most part about the latest feuds in dancehall, particular Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee.

But now the King has taken his positions on the latest happenings in the genre.

VIDEO: Beenie Man “Mi No Have No Time Fi Bounty Killer”

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Beenie Man says he has been busy promoting dancehall overseas and has no time for the bickering and name calling.

“Me no business with the argument, me out there a put dancehall to the people them the right and proper way,” Beenie Man said. “Am on a mission to put back dancehall to where it was.”

On the Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee feud, Beenie Man says the younger artists should respect the elders and the elders should build new talents.

“Bounty Killer is one of the corner stone of dancehall,” Beenie Man said. “The 1990s belongs to me, Bounty Killer, Capleton, and Buju Banton. The artist that came after that was Sizzla and I think every artist that came after Sizzla should show respect to I and I. Because if we are the four column of dancehall music and you try to knock down one then the building is going to lean. It’s for me to support the Killer but for me to support Tommy Lee as the young artist because we have to rise star we can’t kill star… so in that way where Killer take on Tommy Lee I do not support it.”

Beenie Man also shared is view on the feud between Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, and Spice.


  1. Mark Antonio Barrett

    great response..

  2. positive mi boss o naa naaa na die.

  3. positive mi boss o naa naaa na die.

  4. Mature response from the King Beenie.

  5. But you know the dancehall youth them crazy, they will sh*t on Beenie Man for saying such sensible stuff.

  6. Princess EvaHot Smith

    Big up Yuh self Beenie