Beenie Man: “Mi No Have No Time Fi Bounty Killer” [VIDEO]

In case you were one of the many wondering where is Beenie Man, here is your answer.

Last week Bounty Killer told Winford Williams during his interview OnStage that you can’t find Beenie Man because he is too small.

Music Video: Beenie Man – Clean Heart

Now Beenie Man shot back saying he has no time for Bounty Killer because of his busy schedule doing tours and recording new material for his upcoming album.

“I am so small because I am so far, him can’t see me,” Beenie Man said. “The problem now is I am in Dubai and he is in Jamaica. How me fi have my visa and you no have none and you suppose to be seeing me? I am flying you cannot see me.”

Beenie says he sees Bounty Killer sometimes when he visit some of the popular dances occasionally.

When asked if he and Killer is on good terms, Beenie says “well me and no man no good inno… we are nemesis forever.”

Peep footage from Beenie Man interview with Sanjay below.